Ankara Agreement Application

(2.1) If the person`s leave outside the United Kingdom has elapsed, provided that a new application for entry authorization has been made within 28 days of the expiry of the leave and before 6 July 2018 and that this application has been granted at a later date, the leaveless period is ignored if the applicant makes an application for additional entry authorization in a period after 6 July 2018 in which he retains a limited leave that will be granted at a later date. the period that has been spent outside the United Kingdom during extended vacations and which applies until the applicant`s readmission to the United Kingdom is taken into account only in the circumstances described in the exceptional cases described below. The Guidelines of the Ministry of the Interior for Turkish businessmen contain strict requirements regarding the documents to be provided using a visa application for Turkish entrepreneurs, although there are few legal requirements under the immigration rules applicable to this category. (1.2.3) the expiry of the timely filing or appeal period (if any). Proof of your cost of living, for example.B. rental contract, mortgage agreement, electricity bills, Council tax statement, bank statements, documents relating to the transfer of money to relatives abroad, plus Once we have assessed you, we assure you of what you need to apply for a visa. Whether you are a candidate in the UK or from Turkey, your application is equally likely to be approved. Announcement added: No new ECAA II applications will be accepted on March 16, 2018 or after March 16, 2018. (1.2.1) rejection of the old leave application.

Unlike Tier 1 Entrepreneur (50,000 USD or 200,000 USD) or Investor ($2 million, USD 5 million or USD 10 million) or Innovator ($50,000) no specified investment amount is required to apply for a successful visa for Turkish entrepreneurs. (ii) charge for existing transactions for the 12 months prior to the application date; and European free movement will end on 31 December 2020, and the Ankara Agreement, which is part of EU law, is likely to end on that day. As far as we know, it will no longer be possible to re-apply later. A first Turkish business visa is usually valid for 12 months. Under this first grant, the extension of the visa requirement for Turkish entrepreneurs is generally granted for a further three years, as long as the transaction is ongoing and continues to operate in the Uk. If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence that the business is still ongoing and that your profits are sufficient to support you yourself, you can instead take a 12-month leave of absence. Other three-year scholarships may follow. Turkish business owners must continue to work in their business. The advice of an immigration lawyer ensures that your first and extension applications meet the strict requirements of immigration rules. 3. People under the age of 18 or 65 or older at the time of application are exempt from language skills and life in the UK. In all the circumstances of the case, the decision maker must consider whether it would be inappropriate, because of the applicant`s mental or physical condition, to expect the applicant to meet the requirement.

For those applying for an exemption, they must provide appropriate documentation, such as a passport or birth certificate (as proof of old age) or medical documents (evidence of a medical incapacity to work). It takes a lot of time to prepare a businessman Ankara visa application agreement, mainly because it requires a good and detailed business plan prepared by a professional.





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