Viability Guarantee Agreement

“Since the Australian government funds your viability, you must retain the workforce for operation in your own facility or for redeployment throughout the health system or as directed by the government or states and territories, including medical, caregiver, clinical and auxiliary staff. The Australian Government will make prompt efforts to ensure that your staff have adequate training and equipment to ensure that patient care is safe and that the health and safety of your staff is preserved. If the private sector does not follow the instructions of the state and territorial governments to integrate into the public sector, the agreement would be cancelled, Hunt said. “However, in the wake of the pandemic, this agreement is expected to lead to a shift in mindset in the role of the private hospital sector in Australia, particularly the role of `for-profit` providers, such as Ramsay and Healthscope. The transformation of Australia`s private hospital sector from a non-profit industry, mostly local, to one dominated by large for-profit corporations, many of which reside overseas, has taken place without substantial political oversight or public debate. It has been fuelled by commercial and entrepreneurial interests and not by the health needs of the Community. “Private hospitals” are now available as an extension of the public hospital system in Australia. Therefore, although we do not assume any responsibility, we have entered into a partnership that fully integrates them into the public hospital system in exchange for state agreements and the Commonwealth guarantee. “The industry welcomed the agreement and said that without it, the viability of the sector would have been questionable. Australian Healthcare Reform Alliance President Jennifer Doggett said the terms of the agreement were reasonable, as they ensured resources were put to good use in the private hospital sector. . . .





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