Agreement To Share Vaccine

According to a document detailing the agreement, under the scheme, “all countries should gradually receive tranches [of the vaccine] to cover each subgroup of their [original] target groups. until they can cover 3% of the population.” My concern is about the lack of transparency around the main agreements. We cannot rely on investigative journalists and civil society to talk to people outside the registers to find out what is happening, who is investing what money, where and under what conditions. It is very difficult to know what is going on. In a September 2020 article, Gavi`s CEO said the institution for rich and poor governments would work differently. Countries that are able to finance the purchase of vaccines themselves (“self-financing” countries) can request sufficient doses to vaccinate between 10 and 50% of their population, depending on the amount they pay. “We believe that international cooperation – a global effort – is key,” said Dag-Inge Ulstein, Norway`s Minister for International Development. “We must continue to work for equal access to vaccines, tests and treatments. To defeat the coronavirus pandemic, rich countries must act quickly and courageously to make vaccines and treatments available to those who cannot afford to pay for themselves. [81] Governments should ensure that global production capacities are expanded and used to the extent possible for vaccine production. Governments should ensure that vaccine doses are not sold to the highest bidder in order to maximize profits, but that they are seen as a public good that must be grouped and distributed equitably, taking into account those with the most urgent needs.





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