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The first draft contract is usually made available by the research sponsor. For some projects, Ascension Seton or Providence provides the first draft contract to be negotiated. The CSS Research Contract Manager is responsible for reviewing, concluding and signing all research-related contracts. The SSC has set a six-week rotation target for the necessary agreements for projects to which a CR-A has been allocated and a two-week rotation target for confidentiality agreements. A recent frosty agreement between Google and Ascension, a huge national health system, is another sign of how the digital revolution is changing the health care system. We are on the cusp of a new era in which physicians can apply collective human experience in real time in the treatment of a particular problem to the management of all patients with this disease. But critical reactions to the agreement – in which the clinical data it collects on its 50 million patients, which it will send to Google Cloud, and that Google will process this data to help Ascension better manage its patients and finances – show that changes of this magnitude are never smooth. The announcement raised concerns about patient privacy and the misuse of information about the private benefit of third parties, and triggered an investigation by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as well as calls from members of Congress to continue their research. It is clear that we are at the beginning of a probably long, controversial and crucial debate on how to manage personal health information in the digital age. The fact is that HIPAA, despite its fearsome reputation, is full of holes and that Google and Ascension` lawyers have probably found enough room in the law to support their agreement. On the one hand, hipAA-regulated health care providers can disclose personal health information without the patient`s consent for three main purposes: treatment, payment and operation. Sometimes a research contract has to be changed due to a change in the volume of work, the duration of the agreement or for other reasons.

A change is usually initiated by the sponsor or another source of funding and implemented by both parties. Proposals to amend e-mail on Another issue concerns the rights to commercial benefits that may result from cooperation between health organizations and IT companies. These agreements will likely produce an abundance of intellectual property that, without patient information (algorithms and software) will be sold profitably to other health care providers and even to other companies that develop and market health products (think pharmaceutical companies and equipment companies and health plans). But in the end, these gains are derived from the personal health information of millions of patients who will likely have no idea how their data was used. Should they be given the opportunity to consent to this commercial use of their data? Should they, in some way, participate in the gains? There is an agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States to do it together, but because it is so important to the United States, they are “happy” to pay for the work.





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