Business Agreement In Islam

One of the oldest ways to cheat in the business is by selling goods with less weight or standard weight. This would include the practice of selling low-quality, inferior or counterfeit products. The underlying reason for this fault is the maximization of profits and the accumulation of material goods, without taking into account the ethical validity of the means to be used for this purpose. Allah has warned us against such mistakes in the following verses: the tenant who asks for money to prematurely end the lease Truth and honesty are the basic conditions of trade and relations with others. The Prophet (S) said: “The two parties to a business transaction have the right to cancel them until they have concluded or separated them; and when they tell the truth and enlighten each other, they will be blessed in their transaction, but if they hide something and lie, the blessing of their transaction will be eliminated. Although the verse begins with the question of the loan, his recommendations for a written agreement are above doubt in all commercial transactions. • in case of loss, only the silent partner will suffer the loss (because the active partner has also lost the usefulness of his work and work). Unless the active partner has been negligent and has not complied with the contractual conditions. Disagreements in partnerships are human nature. When business increases, everyone is happy; When it comes down, partners begin to doubt the effectiveness or even integrity of the co-partners. Therefore, no social system can survive without a dispute settlement mechanism. That is why there are courts, judges and lawyers. It goes without saying that the contracts and transactions to be respected are only those that are legal and authorized.

It is indeed sinful to deal with everything that Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW) have declared forbidden or undesirable. One should not, for example, sign contracts or sales contracts related to prohibited products such as narcotics, alcohol, pork, or related to engagement and illegal activities such as usury, gambling, lotteries, gambling and anything that promotes nudity, immorality and indecency. In the name of fashion, culture, progress and progress, Shaytan incites people to engage in cheap, vulgar, shameless and morally false practices. It makes them think that Allah is Ghafur your-Raheem, but makes you forget that Allah is also shaded ul-`Iqab. As Muslims, we must be careful with Satan`s tricks and tricks. In a hadith already mentioned, the Prophet stated that Allah would not answer the prayer of a person who prays against the defaulting man who refuses to repay the loan, if the creditor has not established this loan agreement in writing and has not testified to it. Often, people in our communities rely on oral agreements when close friends or relatives are working in business. Islam has strongly emphasized the problem of written agreements and contracts, even if you do business with your own brother. Brothers and sisters! I am honoured and humbled at the same time to be among you. I am proud to be a member of this community. Such meetings, like tonight`s, give us the opportunity to come together to strengthen our bond of brotherhood and fraternity while getting acquainted with different aspects of life from the Islamic point of view. .

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