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The report is that the NFL actually said no to this agreement. Part of the problem between leagues seems to be the language that only default NFL player contracts will result in the release of CFL players. These differ from the NFL`s exercise schedule agreements. It is assumed that the NFL/NFLPA`s does not allow players to try with such a restriction. The CBA, on which the league and the players had agreed, was published by Calgary Sun/Herald journalist Daniel Austin and 3DownNation has a copy of the full document. For analysis, we rely on a comparison with the previous CBA 2014-2018, which is on the The CFL players — Americans and Canadians — certainly have a lot to think about if there is a shortened season. The expectation is that teams would play six regular season games, so players would have to weigh the risk of injury against that for only a third of their regular salary. This in turn seems to show that the rolling chart limit remains 45. Two players will be quarterbacks, which means they are not proportional, but they are also limited in what they can do on the field. Also that 20 of the remaining 45 can be American. The use of the maturity option year follows that of standard player contracts which, for me, would mean that it is a team option year. This would mean that players might not be able to sign two-year deals, as the latest draft picks seem to have negotiated.

Tunde Adeleke appears to have had a two-year contract after leaving Calgary for Hamilton last year after playing just two years with his draft team. All players can earn bonuses based on snaps (up to?) $7500 per year. Other bonuses are not allowed. Each of the three groups has a different signature bonus and a different residential value, starting at $7,500 and down to $5,000 and $2,500 for the other two groups. The loophole we often discuss here is that national pitching teams have false injuries to be replaced by a nationalized American. One danger to this strategy is that U.S. players who qualify probably have a second contract with the league, which means they are not cheap replacements. Nationals who replace them may be cheaper under this rule, but their own contracts will probably benefit from this rule.

No more off-season mini-camps. Tryouts to find players continue, but NFL-type OTAs (organized team sctivities) are off the board. The current collective agreement between the CFL and cfLPA was ratified on May 22, 2019. The first media articles listed the strengths of the agreement from unpublished sources, but the full text of the agreement was published in January 2020 (link below). The contract expires for three years until the 2021 season and expires the day before the start of training camp 2022. The increase in minimum player contracts has left less room for the team to replace players like Tre Roberson or Reggie Begelton. The recent operation of Bo Levis and the uncertainty surrounding the start of the season is also one of the reasons why the team would like a smaller cap if it misses a few games to start the season before activating it. The sources added that the two sides continued to discuss the logistics of American players arriving in Canada before arriving here. For players who have another job, there is the abandonment of a substantial job and the house in favor of moving to live in a hub and a significantly reduced football salary.





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