Data Use Agreement Ucla

The request to the IRB must meet all of these waiver criteria, some of which may already be considered in your research proposal as part of the privacy debate. These criteria include: a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is a written contract entered into by a supplier and recipient of research material, which regulates the transfer of research material, data and databases as well as software between two organisations. At UCLA, the UCLA Technology Development Group (UCLA TDG) reviews and authorizes inbound and outbound transfers on behalf of the UCLA faculty. A security system that prevents accidental disclosure, loss or theft of PHI from your project is required. When processing, transmitting or storing sensitive information, always use the necessary care. A violation of these data usage rules may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination. Some research studies use data that can be personally identifiable because it contains personal identifiers such as name, address. However, it is not considered a PHI, because the data is not associated with a healthcare event (treatment, payment, surgery, medical records), is not entered into the medical records and the interested / patient is not informed of the results. Research health information (RHI) that is kept only in the researcher`s records is not subject to the HIPC, but is governed by other human protection provisions. .





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