Dtmo Rental Car Agreement

(d) Travelers are not reimbursed for the purchase of prepaid refueling options for car rental. Therefore, travelers should refuel before returning the rental vehicle to the place of delivery. However, if it is not possible to refuel before the return of the vehicle due to safety concerns or the location of the nearest gas station, the seller`s refueling fee is reimbursed to travelers. 3. The rates set in the car rental contract must not be exceeded by the seller. (2) The contract includes automatic insurance of indefinite duration for mileage and collision damage; and (4) If additional space is required to accommodate multiple staff members authorized to travel together in the same rental vehicle. (e) Travelers are not reimbursed for fees related to loyalty points of rental cars or the transfer of points charged by car manufacturers. However, if disability is a lifelong disease, a single certification declaration is required. Certificates shall include at least: (A) a written statement from a competent medical authority indicating the need for special accommodation; (2) If this is necessary due to a mission of the Agency, in accordance with the internal procedures of your agency, in accordance with § 301-70.102 (i). (1) When the use of a car other than a compact car is necessary to cover a medical disability or any other special need. (c) passengers must use the cheapest compact car available, unless an exception is allowed for another category of vehicles. Agencies should allow such derogations to a limited extent and must indicate on the travel authorisation the reason for such derogation.

Your agency may allow the use of a non-compact car if one of the following applies: (3) If the cost of a compact car other than that of a compact car is less than or equal to the cost of the cheapest compact car. . . .





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