Epic Non Compete Agreement

High salary in a country with low cost of living, good insurance benefits. Quality subsidized lunch, free drinks in the break rooms. There are offices, not cabins. Generous meals while traveling (average of $65 per day). Most colleagues are diligent, competent, and willing to get involved when someone needs help. Relatively autonomous if you are a competent employee who meets expectations. A flexible career development plan for the TS role can become either an underpaid pseudo-developer, or a client project manager with the TC position, or somewhere in between. Employees have the opportunity to shine early in their tenure at Epic. Competing EMR companies are somehow even less well managed than Epic.

I don`t think the non-compete clause has ever been legal, but through programs like Epic`s Good Maintenance, Epic can make it incredibly profitable for its customers not to hire former employees until Epic says they can. If it was illegal, someone would have filed a complaint. Before you sign something, ask for your non-competition clause. Most (serious) companies will say that you can`t work for the same client through other consulting firms. However, a few of the doubtful say that you cannot work for any of their clients through another company. Don`t sign with them. Epic and its hospital customers are using powerful tools to prevent current IT staff working on an Epic project from being saved. According to Mr. HIStalk: Epic controls your possibilities with potential employers through separate agreements and/or an implicit sanction for recruiting Epic certified individuals. Epic and its hospital customers both have a legitimate interest in keeping the hospital`s IT staff in their current tasks – installing the system. This can naturally affect the interests of the employee who, after his training, might want to change city or respond to a higher compensation offer.

Similarly, and for many hospitals, an installation may take longer. Imagine the following scenario: Bob signed a non-compete clause while we were working with Supplier A. Bob now wants to leave Supplier A and move to the advice area for Supplier A`s customers. Supplier A has a directive that, in order to allow consultants to access their documentation online, the consulting firm that employs them must have an agreement between the company and Supplier A. .





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