Gmail End User License Agreement

I`m so surprised at how many people flock to Google for their cloud-based email services. Has anyone really READ the Google/Gmail license agreement? I`m not betting. If they had, they would be worried about a few sections. Well, I`m not a lawyer or a legal entity, but these sections scare me enough not to use Gmail for anything that has to do with business. You can use Gmail`s terms of service here […] Small, an Australian advisor to SBS, recently looked at Google`s licensing deal and wrote a good reminder that big companies don`t pretend to play well […] You can`t access another user`s Gmail account without their express permission. Don`t create or use multiple accounts to abuse Google`s policies, bypass Gmail account restrictions, bypass filters, or any other restrictions for your account. (For example, if you`ve been blocked by another user or your Gmail account has been disabled as a result of abuse, don`t create a replacement account for similar activities.) 5.1Условия использования для Конечных пользователей. Customer acknowledges that its end users are bound by the terms of use applicable to each component of the Service, including (i) the Gmail Terms of Service (which may change from time to time) which, on the or any other party that Google may indicate, (ii) Google`s Terms of Service (which may change from time to time); that are displayed on the or on another page indicated by Google; and (iii) additional policies and program policies on permitted use (as amended from time to time) that are provided on the or on another page indicated by Google. Customer acknowledges that any end user of the Privacy Policy Service agrees with the Service who, among other things, may change the Google Workspace Privacy Policy (which may change from time to time) posted on the or other URL provided by Google, and Google`s privacy policy (which may change from time to time) on the or published under another URL provided by Google…





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