Hsa Collective Agreement Casual

In order for HSAS members to participate in the plan, HSAS and the employer (health region or subsidiary) must sign this memorandum. In addition, HSAS members who are interested in participating in the plan must complete an application form and sign both a certification/authorization form and a participation agreement. Any HSAS member who has resigned from an (1) employer and who, in one calendar year, is an employee with the same employer or other employer that is covered by this agreement: if a worker has acquired relevant work experience outside the HSAS bargaining unit and gets a job with an employer covered by this agreement within 90 days of the end of the former employer: She may be entitled to: CUPE 07 (CUPE 07 (CUPE 07 ( 176)/Regina Health District All workers covered by this agreement have acquired a continuous service of at least ten (10) years as a permanent employee or “full-time casual service” in accordance with the letter of agreement on full-time casual benefits and at least thirty (30) sick days at termination of the Regina District Health Board , barring redundancy, is set at its normal rate of pay of fifty (50%) paid. For percent of all cumulative sick leave the worker can be paid to his credit or seventy-eight (78) days, depending on the case is the smallest (i.e. twenty-nine (29) days of credit – payment zero, thirty (30) days of credit – payment fifteen (15) days). The participation agreement is the agreement signed by the employer and the participant. 1.19 The regional public health authority refers to a regional health authority formed by the province and, for the purposes of this agreement, includes a provincial-appointed health district or governing body. The participant is a worker entitled whose application for participation has been approved by the employer and who has entered into an agreement with the employer. (e) Any worker who chooses to reduce his working time in this way benefits from this agreement and is subject to the terms of this agreement, since it concerns part-time workers. Workers who are entitled to pay for unused sick leave in accordance with the provisions of previous collective agreements retain this right. The details of this provision are described in letter of Understanding #3. (3) The market adjustment rate is added to the maximum hourly rate (stage 5) of the collective agreement.

The hourly rates for Stage 1 and Stage 2, etc., are calculated by maintaining the same percentage relationship between stage one and stage two and between stage two and stage three, etc., as provided for in the collective agreement plan. When a classification is added to the market in accordance with the market complement letter, the market adjustment is added after the market is supplemented. 11. If a contract supplement is deemed appropriate, either by mutual agreement between the parties or as part of the adjudication procedure, the effective date of the contract supplement is considered to be the same date on which SAHO PMSRC made its decision #3 of this agreement.





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