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Serbia`s refusal to recognize Kosovo`s independence, which it unilaterally proclaimed in 2008, is at the heart of the dispute between the former enemies. Most Western nations, including the United States, have recognized Kosovo. Neither Russia nor China. Comments from Vucic and Hotis in Washington on this subject show that the road ahead is difficult. Mr Hoti said he saw the economic agreement as a step towards recognition. “We see this as a big step towards a definitive solution, which is mutual recognition. I have stated publicly that this represents a great success for us in reaching an agreement with Serbia,” he told THE VOA. On September 4, the Trump administration received delegations from Kosovo and Serbia at the White House to culminate in a process of normalization between the two countries from the outset. At the glittering signing ceremony in the Oval Office, Serbia and Kosovo agreed to continue “economic normalization” by signing a number of commitments. However, there was not a single document signed by the two parties, but two separate documents quite similar, signed individually by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and The Kosovar Prime Minister, Avdullah Hoti. It is equally important that the United States does not sign these documents either. In short, what was signed in the Oval Office was simply not a bilateral agreement. If we look at the content of both documents, there are other issues that we need to question.

More importantly, the agreement contains several commitments to maintain Israel`s supremacy in West Asia and to legitimize its continued occupation of Palestine. After the signing of the standardization agreement, Kosovo and Serbia agreed to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Serbia has also pledged to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the disputed city. In the meantime, Kosovo said it would almost immediately establish its Israeli mission in Jerusalem and Israel and recognized Kosovo on the day the agreement was announced. The United States hailed the September 4 economic agreement between Kosovo and Serbia as a historic agreement that will lead to broader cooperation and peace. But he had the appearance, the feeling and the purpose of an election campaign. “Unfortunately, one of the points of the draft agreement that talks about Ujman has complicated the situation. We do not appreciate Serbia participating in Ujman`s future. …

The impact this may have in the future could be costly in Kosovo,” Haradinaj wrote on Facebook. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An agreement between Serbia and Kosovo on economic relations, hailed on Friday by U.S. President Donald Trump as a “major breakthrough,” reiterated its commitments to establish motorway and rail links, but left the political normalization movement unresolved. Thirdly, Kosovo`s agreement on membership of the “mini-Schengen zone” has no practical value. On the formal level, there is no unity like the “schengen mini-zone” – it is something fictitious.





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