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Like the EA program, the MPSA has four price levels – A, B, C and D. Each purchase (license, License – Software Assurance, etc.) under the MPSA program has an assigned point value and you must reach the minimum number of points during the year. Microsoft Products and Services Agrement (MPSA) is a transaction licensing agreement for commercial, government and academic organizations with 250 or more users or devices. You can view your software licenses and cloud services via a Microsoft Business Center MPSA. Use the Microsoft Licensing Center (VLSC) to view software licenses through another Microsoft volume license agreement. After your cloud licenses and services are fully covered by an MPSA, all your purchases can be displayed in one tool via mpSA. Contact your partner if you have any questions about your license position. An always green agreement with a much simpler MPSA agreement structure works best for organizations without an organization-wide commitment as part of a single, ineminable agreement that Microsoft wants to concede to software, cloud services or both. Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) is a transaction licensing agreement for commercial, government and academic organizations with 250 or more users/devices. MPSA is most appropriate for organizations that wish to license Microsoft for software, cloud services or needs, without an organization-wide obligation under a single, no-end agreement. Software Assurance is optional.

MPSA offers higher benefits from your licensed assets, more flexible purchases and simplified asset management through an improved contract structure, a new purchasing platform and modernized systems and tools. Yes, yes. What is new to the MPSA is the possibility of having several types of organizations – commercial, academic or public – on an agreement with the use of purchase accounts. The MPSA program is an indirect sales contract with Microsoft – you must first choose a Microsoft partner to manage the agreement. This dealer-partner determines the price and charges you bills. A welcome addition to the MPSA program is that you can have multiple partners on your purchase account. Гибкая структура учетных записей для закупки позволяет определять и изменять структуру закупок в организации по мере ее развития. Вы можете регистрировать учетные записи для закупок и присваивать им любые имена так, чтобы они отражали структуру закупок в вашей организации. Кроме этого, в рамках одного соглашения MPSA можно зарегистрировать и сочетать учетные записи для закупок нескольких типов — для коммерческих организаций, учебных заведений и государственных учреждений.

Кроме того, они будут автоматически объединяться по типу организации, а вы сможете получать максимальную оптовую скидку, рассчитанную на основании всех баллов в каждой категории продуктов.





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