Ssa Data Sharing Agreement

AGI has already had the opportunity to exercise this SSA sharing agreement to support recent space events/SSA. SSA provides states with electronic data that is used to determine the requirement and eligibility for state-funded benefit programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, subsidized housing, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families – as well as other state-funded benefit programs. To obtain SSA data on the management of state-funded and state-run benefit programs, the state or public authority must sign a computer correspondence agreement (CMA) and an information exchange agreement (IEA/F). SSA also provides states with data on their use in the management of state-run benefit programs. In order to obtain SSA data on the management of state-run benefit programmes, the state or public authority must sign a rhyme information exchange agreement (R-IEA). As part of the SSA`s mission to streamline data exchange activities for public agencies, contact Data Exchange Coordinators (DEC) should be contacted when new State Data Exchange (Dx) requirements and issues related to existing DX state agreements are underway. The DECs below can be contacted by email or phone. “The agreement with USSTRATCOM will support the expansion of SSA`s Polish capabilities, in particular the development of an SSA operations centre in Poland, which will be used in particular to enhance the security of Polish and allied satellites in space,” said Michal Szaniawski, current president of the Polish Space Agency. “The signing of the document is also a first step towards extending SSA cooperation between Poland and the United States.” The SSA data-sharing agreements enhance multinational space cooperation and streamline the process for USSTRATCOM partners to request specific information collected by the 18th Air Force Space Control Squadron at Vandenberg Air Force Base in Calif. Data is crucial for start-up assistance, satellite maneuver planning, support for orbital anomalies, coverage and analysis of electromagnetic interference, decommissioning of satellites, and evaluation of measurements in orbit. This website contains information for federal, regional and local authorities who wish to exchange data with the Social Security Administration (SSA). These exchanges are based on needs related to activities related to specific health and income programs run by these agencies and the applicable legal authority for SSAs to provide such information.





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