Make Money On Vacation

Well, I just came back from a much needed vacation in Sydney and it was great!

Here’s a pic where we went dolphin watching…


And here’s a video of the dolphins!


Had a great time in Sydney and when I got back…

Here’s what I saw in the mail:

Multiple Monthly Checks, Multiple Streams Of Income!



This is the Hostgator check I was showing you in the video:

So how would you like to get paid while on vacation and live the internet lifestyle?

How did I earn consistent monthly checks from companies like Hostgator, Aweber, Clickbank, SFI and more while on vacation?

How do you make multiple streams of income on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT even when you’re not on the computer??

I want to share with you TWO very important internet marketing strategies to do all these and more, and they are actually VERY SIMPLE…

Multiple Opportunities:


This just means having multiple monetization opportunities, not just one.

By joining different programs that each pay you and by diversifying your income potential, you have MORE opportunities for making sales.

It makes perfect sense.

If you’ve read my “Make Millions Online” book, then you’d know why I said it’s important to focus on making multiple streams of income.

You can still focus, but on a few programs like I do.

Multiple Exposures:


This is one of the many strategies I teach in Super Affiliate Millionaire

All it means is you use multiple channels to expose your marketing, selling and product recommendations.

Don’t stick to just one way to expose your message, use whatever channels you can find and put your message EVERYWHERE!

This means putting your message on your websites, blogs, emails, reports, products, videos, social media and really, anywhere which allows you to reach an audience.

For example, I put my Hostgator affiliate link all over the place.

It’s on THIS very post, on this blog, my other websites, my emails, my products, my facebook page…all at once. You get the drift.

I’m basically creating MULTIPLE exposures for my recommendations to be seen – which works well as you can tell.

Here’s the simple principle why this works:

The more you expose your offers, the more people will see and buy it.



We’re now in December 2014 and 2015 is just around the corner!

Have you started doing anything at all to ensure 2015 is a better year for yourself, your family and your business?

Good news is, it’s not too late (it’s never too late) to start planning and taking action.

(My next post will talk about that and it will be a HUGE WAKE UP CALL for you)

Bad news is, some people will still not take action.

5 years, 10 years from now it will still be the same.

You need to get out of your comfort zone, focus on becoming successful and take action. Remember…

“With every action, comes a reaction”

In other words…

With no action, there will be NO reaction and changes.

Wishful thinking gets you nowhere. You’ve got to make the change YOURSELF.

If you want expert help and a quick start to become successful with your own internet business so that you can begin 2015 on a great foot, then an option is to…

Click here to get your entire business completely done for you…

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon 🙂

Hope this helps.






  1. PW says:

    Pls. kindly advise how will your internetmillionaires work for me complete autopolite? How much money any time need to be spend for completely set up the system and after the system set up? tks!

  2. Cyril Bodkins says:


    I would like to join your “AutoPilot Income Machine Just Made $3460.25 in 24 hours.” Program.

    I have 2 questions to ask you.

    (1) The initial cost for joining the: “Income Machine Just Made 3460.25 in 24 hours” Program is $37.00. I have seen similar programs with HUGE upsells cost. With this program, are any upsells? If there are upsells, how much money will I need to get off to a good start?

    (2) Would it cost me any extra money to get the 20 ATMS?

    I know it takes money to make money, however, I would like to know exactly how much money I need to get started – so that when I sign up, I will be financially prepared .

    I will be patiently waiting for your honest-to-goodness answer

    Cyril Bodkins

  3. Chima Joshua says:

    Hello Ewen,

    you are very amazing and tactic some in time of changing things, well, i am one of your subscribers of your business, but i really need to get contact with you on person for more impactation formula to succeeded online business.

  4. Cornelius says:

    I want to sign up with your program but i notice that you are using
    hostgator for your hosting and i know you will recommend it .
    I just want to tell you that hostgator does not have my country in their list.
    But if its not,kindly email me.Thanks

  5. Emmanuel Bambang W says:


    I would like to join your Autopilot Income Machine. This is already 5 times I tried to make enrollment for membership registration but always FAILED! Why so? Your offer of membership registration fee always change. Sometimes US$ 37 sometimes $49 and $27. Please specify which one is correct.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thank you.

    Emmanuel BW

  6. Ewen Chia Support says:

    Hi @PW, is Ewen’s new blog and in this site, we provide you content and posts that will help you get your internet business started and running well.

    This is a real business, and as any real business, you have to put skin in the game and there are some investments needed, like domain name, autoresponder and hosting.

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Ewen Support Team

  7. Ewen Chia Support says:

    Hi @Cyril Bodkins.

    Q: The initial cost for joining the: “Income Machine Just Made 3460.25 in 24 hours” Program is $37.00. I have seen similar programs with HUGE upsells cost. With this program, are any upsells? If there are upsells, how much money will I need to get off to a good start?

    A: There are upsells to the program, but they are all completely optional. The initial autopilot profits program is strong on its own and will provide you a good base to get started. You can get it here at

    Q: Would it cost me any extra money to get the 20 ATMS?

    A: Yes, there is a minimal investment in tools like an autoresponder, doamin and hosting for the ATMs, but no more other than that.

    Hope this clarifies!

    Ewen Support Team

  8. Ewen Chia Support says:

    Hi @Chima Joshua,

    Thanks for your comment!

    Well, if you need to contact us for help, you can get us at our support desk here:

    We’ll get back to you on your support ticket ASAP, mostly within 24 hours on weekdays.

    Hope this helps!

    Ewen Support Team

  9. Ewen Chia Support says:

    Hi @Cornelius

    Can you please send us a support ticket regarding this (and your country) to and we’ll see how we can help you with this.

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Ewen Support Team

  10. Ewen Chia Support says:

    Hi @Emmanuel Bambang W,

    Thanks for your comment.

    The investment for the Autopilot Profits program is $37. You can get it here via this link:

    If you need help to make the purchase, please feel free to contact us at

    Hope this helps!

  11. love mene says:

    I need the copy paste product and the complete business set up of $297,but my visa generated by graph card was declined. I am writing from Nigeria. Is there any other way I can pay for this product? Please help!

    yours sincerely,
    Love Mene.

  12. cheth vanny says:

    would like to join your Autopilot Income Machine. This is already 5 times I tried to make enrollment for membership registration but always FAILED. can’t update ID card bank. always reply blog.

  13. Kishore says:

    Dear Mr. Ewen Chia,

    I am Kishore, age: 62+, a retired person, interested in earning online but in actual lost money at a number of occasions every time, amounting to $10 to $199 on internet.

    I fail to understand why a person who is guaranteeing millions with his innovative scheme begs for $37 or $27.

    Now I have arrived at a state of penury but promise you to pay back 4 times of the demanded charges. Yes I promise to pay you $108 instead of $27 if your system makes me earn even half of the amount you claimed.
    Hope for a positive reply.

  14. felix says:

    Thank you so much ewen you have really inspired me a lot with your products I have really lernt a lot currently I bought one of your product calleD solo ad secrets through some body that has a click bank account I have watch it and I really lernt a lot from it presently am puting what I learnt from the video into practise and again your product called first million and newbie cash machine have both being my guide in to being the best affiliateam currently setting up a system which in fews weeks time it will be profitable thank you ewen you are the best affiliate teacher I have ever come across.

  15. ene martins says:

    i just want 2 know i can pay for the program using my mastercard, because my country , nigeria is not listed.

  16. Ewen Chia Support says:

    @love mene

    Please contact us at our helpdesk to assist you:


  17. Ewen Support Team says:

    @cheth vanny

    Did you contact ClickBank about it? If not we recommend you do so as ClickBank handles transactions.

  18. Ewen Support Team says:


    You may check out the free ebook that we’re giving away at the top right of this page.

  19. Ewen Support Team says:


    Thank you, glad you have benefitted from our resources. Feel free to contact us at our helpdesk at if you have any questions.

  20. Ewen Support Team says:

    @ene martins

    Please contact us at our helpdesk and we’ll liaise with you there:


  21. Thanks very much for your kink interest. I will find time to read nad study. All the content and reply you fully.. Merry xmes and happy new year my regards j j Fabonmi. Ps we are on holiday.

  22. Ewen Support Team says:

    @Joseph Happy holidays to you and your family. Enjoy your vacation!

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