Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #6 – Profit From The Secrets You Already Know

EwenChiaPhoto Online Marketing Secret Number Six:

If it’s a secret to someone you can profit from it!

After we’ve been internet marketers for a while, we become jaded. We assume that just because we know that the results on the right hand side and top of Google are ads, everyone must know. We think that there couldn’t possibly be another person we could enlighten about making money from selling solo ads.

We also tend to believe that there aren’t new tips out there, and that all the secrets to be known online can either be found free or have already been discussed.

Nothing could be further from the truth.Online Marketing Secrets - Secret #6 – Profit From The Secrets You Already Know

Although it’s generally not the greatest idea to do a me-too product or topic, you can create products at the beginner, intermediate, or expert level.

Just make sure that you look to people who have more knowledge about a topic to help and advise you, and target your site towards people who are new to that knowledge.

There are probably hundreds of “how to get traffic to your website” products on the market, many of them written by people who don’t have tested and proven results. This is where niches become important again.

There are dozens of ebooks, videos and tapes about blogging. If you have specialized knowledge, sell to a niche. Nurses probably have special knowledge about the medical field, and could market a blogging solution that makes sense to doctors in private practice, for example.

The next time you’re looking for a product to create or a niche to be in, and you think “Oh, everyone already knows about that.” Think again.

Right at this very moment, you know something someone else doesn’t.

The trick is figuring out what that “thing” is.





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