Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #7 – Learn Which Secrets To Tell

EwenChiaPhoto Online Marketing Secret Number Seven:

Learn Which Secrets to Tell.

The business of selling info-products is all about giving people who are hungry for information exactly what they want. The trick is:

  1. Knowing when to circulate a secret (as a freebie or introduction product) and how to get it to the most people in the least amount of time,
  2. Knowing which secret to sell (as a mid-level product or as a backend) and who to sell it to, and,
  3. Knowing which secret to take to your grave! (If you consult, you can use the secret on your client’s behalf, but not expose what it is, but you don’t actually share the technique with anyone.)

Let’s talk briefly about which secret you should tell, and we’ll go over the others in subsequent posts.

The secret to tell, and give away freely is the titbit. A little bit of information, or a twist on a technique that allows you to draw targeted prospects.

You might write a blog post, an article or create a free ebook that tells people why they should do something a certain way, give proof that it works, and offer to give them another useful titbit if they join your newsletter, or buy an inexpensive product.

It’s very short, simple and easy to implement.Online Marketing Secret #7 – Learn Which Secrets To Tell

If it’s executed properly, you will create a flood of interest about the product you haven’t even released – to do this successfully, you need to market it properly. If it’s easy to tell, write an article and submit it everywhere.

If you can’t tell it in less than 1000 words, you can do a shorter article that points to a site where they can download your free ebook on the subject in exchange for sighing up to your ezine, where you’ll market the follow-up product.

And if you have access to a team of affiliates, get them to spread the word about an entry-level product. They make the front end cash, and you make your profit off the backend sales. Either way, you now have a list of targeted clients and/or prospects that have taken the first step, and proven that when motivated, they’ll take action.

What you don’t want to do with this secret is give away the whole farm – or tell something that isn’t a useful bit of information to your targeted audience. If you give away the entire secret, you’ve outlived your usefulness. They’ll read what you offer and go away. If you tell the wrong secret, they’ll stop listening.





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