Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #13 – The Vast And The Scarce

Ewen Chia photo Online Marketing Secret Number Thirteen:

At some point before you make vast amount of money online, you’ll have to change your mind about what is vast and what is scarce.

Another way of saying this is that everyone wants something that is scarce more than they’d want it if it was abundant, even though, ironically, thinking of it as abundant makes it easier to get.

Of course, some argue that scarcity doesn’t really exist. Perhaps they have a point. When we first make money, no matter whether it’s from working a 9 to 5 job or from having an allowance as a teenager, or the income we first make as entrepreneurs, the amount of money you think is “a lot” grows smaller and smaller.

Surely you remember the day when even one American dollar was a fortune to you, as a young child. And now, if someone offered you a job that paid a dollar an hour you’d be insulted. What changed?Online Marketing Secret #13 – The Vast And The Scarce

Our concept of what is scarce changed. Today, three hundred dollars might seem like a hard amount of money to make. But when you make three hundred dollars extra every week in your new business, your ideas about money will change.

This may not seem like a powerful secret, but here’s the idea: you can save yourself a lot of trouble and worry by thinking of money as abundant and free-flowing now instead of waiting until you see personal abundance in your bank account.

It’s funny how we think about making money online. It’s a concept that even in this day and age is considered rude to discuss in some circles. And yet it’s hard to find a person who wouldn’t know what to do with just a little bit more.

What will happen many times is that you’ll think of a great idea for a product to sell or services to have, start planning it, then get to the point where you say to yourself “that’s too much money to charge” or “no one will buy it at the price I need to charge to make a profit”.

Instead, you should be thinking about how much your target audience will make from your invention, and how much of a bargain it is, considering how much money they’ll save.

Do you see the difference? And yet, many would-be entrepreneurs are stopped dead in their tracks by this or some other similar concept of money.

Don’t let your mind and your past experiences talk you out of making more money. Next, we’ll talk about how to turn the concept of scarcity to your advantage.





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