YOU Can Be An Entrepreneur!

EwenChiaPhotoI do believe everyone would like to become an entrepreneur and be their own boss, this is the way we’ve been socialized since young. The seed was planted a long time ago.

Working in a 9-5 job isn’t bad, I was holding positions in various multi-national companies for 8 years before coming out on my own. I do enjoy the office environment and have made many friends.

Nothing beats having the company of good colleagues, lunches and gossiping.

After 5 years of being my own boss, I STILL miss my colleagues and the nicer aspects of the corporate environment.

Working for other people is essentially a transaction where we trade time for money. Too many people burn their lives away doing that. This shouldn’t be the case.

We are all entrepreneurs at heart – everyone is unique with their own ideas and strengths!

Question is, how many people are actually brave enough to PURSUE THEIR DREAMS?

We only got ONE LIFE, and it’s a short one.

Time passes by like a bullet.

Sometimes the fear of insecurity and moving out of our comfort zones make us stay the way we are…forever.

Break free and achieve your dreams. That’s the ONLY way to move forward and live life with happiness and freedom.

Chase after the dreams and desires you had as a child – it’s never too late.

“Nothing changes until something changes.”


Remember, we’ve only got one life on this earth and time is moving faster than you know…

Go for it baby.






  1. Veera says:

    Keep the good work going -Ewen,i really appreciate your vision and feelings towards life and people .
    Thanks for sharing .

  2. Robert says:

    Great blog Ewen! But starting internet business is so difficult for me. I’m from east Africa, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania and I’ve decided to follow your lead since January 2010, speaking of that I’ve recently purchased your INTERNET MILLIONAIRE SYSTEM worth $97 hard earned money Lol! but still struggling hard on how to start it though I’m in the middle of creating the website and follow other instructions from the system. Secondly I was asking if there is any possibility of getting your book of How you made your fisrt million because amazon of B&N do not ship to Tanzania, advise other ways to get it, and also advise on how easy I can achieve the best the outlined ways in your IMS system so that I can see a penny in my pocket, also Clickbank doesnot support affiliates from Tanzania, which means I cannot register from this side only paydotcom is possible, whats your advise on this?. I believe this is the only way I can achieve my dream on establishing my online business which can guide me to financial freedom I’m always dreaming for. Please advise as i’ve already made my decisons to follow your instructions. I count on you always!
    Robert N.
    Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

  3. Cornelius says:

    Hi EWEN!

    Great personal blog and it’s VERY GOOD to see the ‘other side’ of EWEN CHIA. I am a foreigner staying in Singapore and is following your success online for a looong time now. I sincerely HOPE to meet you in person some time here in Singapore 🙂

    By the way – do you still have the Audi R8?

    See you 🙂


  4. Ewen says:

    No I sold the R8 long time ago, tooo noisy 🙂


  5. william says:

    To: Ewen Chia,
    I am a 70 yr old individual and have enjoyed some financial success in life for example I earned over $100,000 annual income in 2007 in financial services but because of the current economic situation I now face serious financial challenges that I did not anticipate when I was making what I considered then to be a good income. Your message in your blog gave me inspiration and hope and I want to thank you for all your efforts and time spent on your effort to inspire others to greatness.

  6. Shawn says:

    I like Ewen and can appreciate his honesty. Saying that, I still have not brought myself to purchase his Affiliate Marketing program. I just don’t want to get disappointed and mainly because he is in Singapore. I guess I will have to decide if I am willing to take the risk.

  7. Evelyn Carter says:

    Hi Ewen, Really like your site here. Nice idea. I WILL one day succeed at making significant money with my computer, but I must first find a way to get past my ‘information overload’. I have and have read so much about so much that I’m too confused to even know what to do. I have purchased some of your offers in the past but probably didn’t implement them (properly). Hopefully one day Soon I will find a way to put all the pieces together in my own head and succeed. Victory will be mine as I Will Never Quit. I will come back to this blog often for good information and tips and I thank you in advance. Nice job on the site too 🙂

  8. Felix says:

    Hi, Ewe!

    Very inspiring what you has just shared with us.

    You are right. Life is too short to living it in a way we don’t like, and things change only when something changes.

    Copying your own words from the post:
    We are all entrepreneurs at heart – everyone is unique with their own ideas and strengths!

    Question is, how many people are actually brave enough to PURSUE THEIR DREAMS?.

    Ewe, May God Bless You and You loved ones.

    Your Friend Félix, from México.

  9. Emmanuel V. O. says:

    Goodday Ewen, I LOVE your post. Being in your list for about three years now, without making a dine on the home based biz, is ahell to me, with all my virile interest.I love your post . Please keep it up. CHEERS.

  10. nzeh says:

    hi!what a great inspiring message from you.i love it and will want to be an entrepreneur,but i am still trying to gather some money for now in order to get in fully.thanks a lot and stay bless.

  11. Tri Kusmiyati says:

    I love being an entrepreneur , while im still employee now;; so what I want to do is developed my own business through affiliate at my spare time;; if I got enough lucky and my affliate become my own first income;; then I continue to play as an enterprenuer;;;thank you for your written nicely and without fear;;

  12. Jey says:

    Hi ewen, very inspiring blog entries…i love your cars dude…really cool!

  13. Abdulhaq says:

    Wonderful, how much is the speed of your black Mercedes jeep/ hour.

  14. Evangelia says:

    Hi Ewan, it’s good to see that you know how to relax as well as work otherwise it’s just not worth it. Thanks for all the great informatin that you hand out to help all of us folk that are starting off. It’s really helpful stuff and I am putting it to good use.

  15. Robbie Chep says:

    Thank Ewen for your inspiring articles…Fantastic that your able to attain that success.
    Looking forward to work in area that you could provide some coaching..

    Robbie… Kuala Lumpuur

  16. fred says:

    I must agree with Gary Richards above, that is me exactly. Iam 77 years old PLAYING with this internet business, Ive purchased over $37,000.00 worth of programs and have done absolutly nothing with all of these tools. (no fool like an old fool)
    tomorrow, May 24th, Iam starting my new career, “Internet Entrepreneur”
    How can I fail if I don’t start?

  17. Syed Waji Hassan says:

    Dear Ewan Sir,
    I am looking many vedio and written by you. I have
    some problem face today. I have no money at time.I
    have decied one of product electronic wholeseale by click bank.and guidance for you. I am leaving in india at Shimla are you come in india and share
    with you entrie business process. I hope you help me very soon. and reply me
    thanks for you and goodluck for you evey time
    yours faithfully
    syed Waji Hassan

  18. FRANK says:

    Hi Ewen i am impressed about you,I will love to be like you but we in Africa where i come from, Poverty has stollen all my desires not like you who had all that could assit you to be what you in youe environment. Sir we need more of your driection and sofwares to atlest motivate us to move with the hope that some day we will succeed.
    Thanks you sir,

  19. DocMercer says:

    Congratulations, Ewen. It’s about time to show this side of you… as you mellow in maturity. ‘Nother book in the works? Blessings. DocMercer

  20. Derrick says:

    Hey Ewen

    You’re always full of motivational and inspirational quotes and willingly to share with us..

    Thank you.

  21. Theresa says:

    Hi Ewen,
    What a lovely blog! I’d love to go into infor-marketing biz, how do i go about it and getting started, i based in nigeria.

  22. Abah Smith says:

    Thanks GURU EWEN.You are indeed a bundle of inspiration.AKIN ALABI an online enterpreneur in Nigeria(that is where I am) wrote on his blog how his encounter with you in 2006 transformed him virtually over night.
    I look forward to having the same expericnce with you.

  23. Rafael says:

    Thanks for inspiring message, It’s really uplifting that someone like you find the right path in your life , not many people can get even close and succeed like you , the most important mistake is that most of us following others allready achived dreams , try to copy others success paying for ours own illusion. Like myself and thousand others trying as a internet marketers, it’s not easy because simple I’m on the bottom of the piramid of illusion.

    The music is just beautiful , I’ve got goosebumps listening , as a man I can say I start crying , listening again and again , if that’s possible I would like to mp3 download page or notes, please – would be fantastic.

    Thank you,

  24. Rafael says:

    Hi Ewen,

    If that music is yours I want all of your work , you have deserve what you have achive , thank you.

    Kind regards,

  25. Bill H. says:

    Hello from Canada ,and for those who think it’s the frozen north it’s actually 28 celcius today.
    I’m seventy one yrs young and Ewen can you actually show someone like me to make some extra money on the net…this ia a whole new world to me.
    have a great day…Bill H

  26. Phil says:

    Hi Ewen, after wasted so many years of experimenting internet marketing and joined so many IM program with so called self proclaim IM guru, my CB acct still zero. But after I purchased a program from one of your biz website, I finaly got USD65.00 in my CB acct.. 🙂 what a breakthough after 2.5 years. I wanna say you are the TRUE guru in Internet Marketing that stands out from the rest! Good Job!! 🙂

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Ewen, I’m happy to be a downline of such a successful on-line marketing guru. I’m just hoping your success will rob off me. I once sent you a mail about the use of Paypal for one of your products which I wanted to buy, but on Paypal, my country Ghana is not listed. But you never responded, and I’m wondering if you will be there for me as my sponsor on sfimg? I know you must be very busy, but please make a little time to nurture us (your down-lines)!

  28. sephora says:

    hello, Ewen
    I want to start an internet afilliate business. I want to know wich of your marketing program that cover everything should I buy. ( you have so many, and I am confused)I am a beginner. Do you have a turnkey website that sell all your afilliate marketing program? wich one are they?

  29. JJ says:

    Hi Ewen,
    Please mail me as I can’t seem to find a mail link for you.

  30. Emmanuel V. O. says:

    DearEwen, I love this & you for who [A NICE MENTOR] you are. It’s my fervent which to acquire your technic/presentations, which is wisdom. God’s blessings abide with you noow & forever. CHEERS.

  31. Emmanuel Nwaeke says:

    Its good to see the soft side of you. Perhaps this will motivate us to aspire much more not minding the obstacles including information overload. Keep up your good works of reaching to internet newbies.

  32. ceryn says:

    hi ewen. im a newbie.. thinking to follow your footsteps..:) im just 18+ this year..hoping to make a great changes than the normal 18 teens…:)

  33. Wale says:


    This is a great inspiration but I need you mentorship to kick-start, how can you help?

  34. Moses says:

    Ewen, you are wonderful. I enjoy your blog posts especially this. I have been longing for a change but just discovered through this writeup that I’ve not changed anything in my life that would cause me to see the change I desire. Thanks. Please keep posting.

  35. Nnamdi says:

    I so much love what you offer in every way, but the inspiration from this particular blog kicked me off my seat.
    Please, am tired of working for people(without living up to a fraction of expectation), am desirous of being a netpreneur(internet marketer) for a long time, but have been paralysed by information overload. Ewen, please consider me a novice and a very fast learner and recommend something for me (your own products would be be trusted)or as you wish. Am ready to follow.
    Hoping to read from you soon.E-mail me.

  36. Beckley says:

    Hi Ewen,
    I salute your willingness to share your views with everyone. I quite agree with you that “NOTHING CHANGES until SOMETHING CHANGES. Over time, i;ve been able to disover that Fulfillment in life comes only through learning. D skills u don’t learn u can’t excel in it therefore we need to open our minds to wisdom. An email from you would be a great honour.
    Keep shinning

  37. George says:

    I googled up your site and I must say that I have been impressed. Thanks for sharing those videos of yours on internet marketing and more.

    I love the fact that you are changing lives and waking up sleeping humans to take action and change their lives for the better.

    Our first website is up at

    From your new friend.

  38. Chester8111 says:

    I too having spent many years in the corporate world enjoyed the socializing. However, I soon realized that being my own boss was better suited for my personal long term goals.

  39. Anna Marie Menendez says:

    Hello Ewen: I bought your Autopilot Profits and did not do anything about it. Now how can I get started again? What is the link to go back there? I sure appreciate the info. Wishing you the best. Thanks for everything you do. Anna Marie

  40. Evans Banahene says:

    I am always motivated by you. It gives me assurance and hope that it shall be well. I have started online from some few years now. Even though I have not make any thing yet am very sure that one one will break through.

    It thus not take a day to succeed online, it is determination, hard work and focus. Keep inspiring we the new and young aspiring online marketers, am am very sure you will be remembered and appreciate for ever. Bless you

  41. Evans Banahene says:

    I am always motivated by you. It gives me assurance and hope that it shall be well with me. I started online for some few years now, even though I have not make any thing yet am very sure that one day one will break through.

    It thus not take a day to succeed online, it is determination, hard work and focus. Keep inspiring we the new and young aspiring online marketers, am very sure you will be remembered and appreciate for ever. Bless you

  42. Ewen Chia says:

    Thanks for all the comments and thoughts guys!

    Appreciate them.

  43. KM says:

    Hi Ewen,

    I always wanted to be my own boss…Exactly like what you said, “we are all entrepreneurs at heart”. But I do not have any products or services I could offer. Can I still get income from internet marketing? Thanks.

  44. ian says:

    ewen, your train of thought is really inspiring and i am glad to have found someone in these shark infested waters that can walk the walk and talk the talk, i am really giving this whole business my best shot and to hear the thoughts of someone like you is truly great.bfn.ian in england

  45. melody says:

    Hello Ewen, I firstly would like to thank you for all of the free information that you send me, I am truly grateful, I do have a question, what product would you recommend that I purchase of yours that would help me promote my healing business, also I am not that great on the internet so I am also looking for a passive income that is very simple for me to undertake, I know that I have done a lot of searching and know in my heart how honorable you are, therefore I will take note of your advice, please make it simple though:-) I urgently await your response,
    Warmly, Melody

  46. Ewen Chia says:

    Hi Melody,

    You may want to try It’s simple enough and involves blogging.



  47. Giselle says:

    Hello Ewen

    Thank you for the great opportunity of commenting on YOUR blog! I really am ‘happy’ and honored. (:
    Ewen thank you for sharing all this with us.
    I have been enjoying very much Craig Kaye’s new amazing graphics software. Why don’t you join us in relaunching IPK within the next 2 days please?

    You can have a peek at the software here…

  48. William says:

    Hello Ewen,

    I truly believe that you are on the right path. I’m a 63 old man that has been self-employed most of my adult life and I can say that you are right, that you can do anything that you put your mine to.

    I have just started the new life of a internet marketer, and I can say that I’m going to really enjoy this last adventure. I have been studying now, for about 18 months, and I’m starting to understand what marketing is about. The truth is, that you can go into any niche and know nothing and study and come out with so much acknowledge. The internet is truly a amazing place to adventure and learn life itself and all the different people that you meet in the process of having fun.

    Thank you for you insight and help, always give more then you receive.

    Take care and enjoy and be prosperous…

    William Carter

  49. Nikolay says:

    Hello Ewem.
    It’s very interesting what you’re doing while I just started.

  50. Frank says:

    Hi Ewen,
    Really kind of you to share your inner thoughts and aspirations with us. Very motivational and inspiring and hopefully will prompt more people to get off their butts and take ACTION!

    No venture no gain! And you were very truthful that the journey would not be smooth and certain. But Persistence pays abundance for you.

    Well done and congratulations for your great achievement. God Bless!

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