YOU Can Be An Entrepreneur!

EwenChiaPhotoI do believe everyone would like to become an entrepreneur and be their own boss, this is the way we’ve been socialized since young. The seed was planted a long time ago.

Working in a 9-5 job isn’t bad, I was holding positions in various multi-national companies for 8 years before coming out on my own. I do enjoy the office environment and have made many friends.

Nothing beats having the company of good colleagues, lunches and gossiping.

After 5 years of being my own boss, I STILL miss my colleagues and the nicer aspects of the corporate environment.

Working for other people is essentially a transaction where we trade time for money. Too many people burn their lives away doing that. This shouldn’t be the case.

We are all entrepreneurs at heart – everyone is unique with their own ideas and strengths!

Question is, how many people are actually brave enough to PURSUE THEIR DREAMS?

We only got ONE LIFE, and it’s a short one.

Time passes by like a bullet.

Sometimes the fear of insecurity and moving out of our comfort zones make us stay the way we are…forever.

Break free and achieve your dreams. That’s the ONLY way to move forward and live life with happiness and freedom.

Chase after the dreams and desires you had as a child – it’s never too late.

“Nothing changes until something changes.”


Remember, we’ve only got one life on this earth and time is moving faster than you know…

Go for it baby.






  1. Jack Dillard says:

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  2. Kelechi Joshua N. says:

    This a bracing call for those still ‘wondering’ which way to go in the cause of life and career.

    Inspiring enough to wake that weak dying giant inside of us.

    My first time seeing you write inspirational though, LOL.

    Someone said Entrepreneurship is not for everybody – and I do believe so. Like they say: “someone has to do the job”. Many are comfortable working the 9-5 thing, beside: should all of us be Entrepreneur, our national/governmental institutions may not live too long. Don’t you thing?

    But for me – am a damn Entrepreneur, and would never be the other way round.

  3. Ayodeji says:

    it lovely to be on this site , nice work chia

  4. Sam says:

    Dear Ewen,
    Really kind of you to share your personal thoughts and aspirations with us.I so much love the way you share your point.when i go through one of your report online that says if you’re in the business of marketing online, a major portion of your income will come from your ability to deliver quality content and products to your market.To be continue…….
    No venture no gain! And you were very truthful that the journey would not be smooth and certain. But Persistence pays abundance for you.
    Well done and congratulations for your great achievement. God Bless.


    Someone said Entrepreneurship is not for everybody – and I do believe so. Like they say: “someone has to do the job”. Many are comfortable working the 9-5 thing, beside: should all of us be Entrepreneur, our national/governmental institutions may not live too long. Don’t you thing?

    But for me – am a damn Entrepreneur, and would never be the other way round.

  5. Tera Farber says:

    I got lost in the background music for a long time, just beautiful! For the first time,I feel I’v hit on a genuine business from you, after 10 years of horrible scams and losing money. I purchased your Auto Pilot but am having a hard time how to start, that is actually implement it. Maybe cause I’m in my late 60’s and not computer savvy, but OMG I want to succeed so badly.

  6. NGUYEN THU ANH says:

    Have a hapy day!

    You are good men, I like your music . thank you

    sow much for good day .I hope to see you soon in


    I hope to see you soon in vietnam.

  7. Annegrete says:

    Hats off…. this page is just sooo nice….

  8. ian says:

    hi ewen! i just found about affiliate marketing at the end of july. after so much googling on credible people whom to put trust on,i found you in the first of my list. it’s been 2 weeks since i gained knowledge about affiliate marketing and i want to learn more. i’m still a college student and i can’t afford your materials. BUT,your free ebooks and newsletters are big help in guiding a newbie like me. I’m dying to get copies of your materials and soon start my own internet business. I may not have those dollars right now,but as soon as i find the means to have it,i’ll get your materials. by the way,i’m from the Philippines. “Mabuhay at Salamat Ewen Chia!” – Thank you Ewen Chia!

  9. rasyid says:

    Hi ewen,

    I rarely praise people & never so.but in your case it’s exceptional.I bought a few of your product & it seems totally perfect.your teaching is straight to the point & easy to implement.I’m a total newbie & now I’ve already got to the starting point & I know where to start.For any newbie like me,I strictly recommend you to get the coaching from Ewen.The thing is “IT WORKS”.

    Support you all the way Ewen.

  10. Ewen says:

    Hi Rasyid, thanks for the kind words!


  11. michael says:

    You’ve always touched my life since 2007 when I started marketing online. Your newbie cash machine was what brought me to where I am now. Today, I make some decent 5 figure income online.

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  12. Charles says:

    Ewen is one guy out there who is keepin it real he doesn’t need to respond to comments on his blog he could very easily have someone monitor that for him but he’d rather keep his hands on method going always giving back he’ll never forget where he came from just because he’s achieved such success hats off to you Ewen, thank you for lookin out for the guys who are just getting started

  13. Jacquee says:

    Ewen Chia, your list was one of the first signups I won’t say how long ago. You always market in an inclusive way, offering quality free training for your affiiates and list members. Great content.
    I could go on and on…. It is great to see a more personal side of you. I feel like I know you well.

  14. Ewen says:

    Thanks Charles and Jacquee and everyone who has posted a comment! It’s hard for me to respond to every comment but I DO read them all.

    Thanks so much again, I feel honored.


  15. Rina says:

    You know, I saw the link and randomly decided to watch your video. I just want to let you know that it hit home and you chose your words wisely because it’s all true. This makes you all more real and money isn’t everything it gives you freedom but not when you’re a prisoner in your own heart….. So go out and get it, because you only live once and life is really that short!!

  16. Eric Breeze says:

    Hi again Ewen,
    Just wanted to say Hi to my all time mentor and to say that I am also a huge fan of the up and coming Chris Farrell.His vids on getting traffic from Facebook are awsome!

    warmest regards
    Eric 🙂

  17. Jeff Koh says:

    HI Ewen, I happened to stumble upon your site and I was very much captivated by the music. You’ve got a Great site out here!

  18. Asmara says:

    Hi Ewen,
    I realize this is your personal forum, but didn’t know where else to ask a question about your products, so I hope this is ok. I’m considering buying 24 hour Internet Business and wonder if there’s support that goes with it–e-mail, phone, or forum? Thanks!

  19. Tony N. says:

    You know since i bought the autopilot profit e book,i knew you were the real deal,your support,method of teaching,resources have by far exceeded expectation. Thanks for being an Honest Guide,,,,am on my way to making a lot of money thanks to stuff i learnt from you.
    Thank You,

  20. milena says:

    thanks for the download. you are my favorite guru. i am still trying to figure out WHICH of all the things u sell is the best for me, i am a total newbie, just staring, and i have no money to invest and i am in a hurry to make money as fast as possible. i dont care if i have to work 50 hrs a week at the beginning but i want it to be on almost autopilot when established. THATS what i am looking for and i dont know which of your plans is the best for what i need. i am confused. is there someone to suggest which one should i get?

  21. sylvie says:

    carefull evan, you may have had and will have many lives, maybe eternity; Bouddhism says it, Scientology to. For the rest congratulations for you.

  22. george says:

    nice blog Ewen didn’t know you were a musician as well. its nice to see that there,s more to you then the products and programs that your so famous for,
    I have a blog myself http;// and Your blog has helped me understand something I haven’t understood . not only about blogging but about mind set and relationships.
    Thanks Ewen

  23. Teresa says:

    Hi, Ewe
    thanks for sharing your life thoughts , great blogs. Like many other people I am struggling to survive in this Internet Marketing, I have bought so many programs;I have the problem to implement them.
    I wish people who sell the programs would help to implement help you with the technical stuff.
    Keep with your good work I only wish I could have bought your programs you seem to be helpful

  24. Paid2Surf says:

    Hi Ewen, i remember you came to Sydney late last year for an Internet marketing seminar. After the weekend trip i came out wondering why internet marketers like yourself and all the others dont offer tutorial classes where you sit your students down for 2 weeks (inclusive with your packages) in a classroom and show each one of them how to do this so called business that makes people millions????? As far as im concerned these programs are all hype, you guys purely make money off your program sales rather that your products. Show people that they can make money when they get sales via proof in their own paypal accounts. Not yours! Why would people want 20-30 videos to study and then try make money when its not going to happen? Databases make money! I do SEO and understand how hard it is to get ranked online. Without a database you will make bananas!

  25. Emrick says:

    This is one of my favorite sentences you wrote. Cherish whatever you have and live with purpose and passion. This is more important than anything. We have to cherish what we have; so many take anything good for granted! Also: live with purpose and passion; this is also crucial; too many live without true prupose or motive and without passion.
    Keep them coming, Ewen!
    You’re the best!
    take care!

  26. Ewen says:

    Just want to say thanks for the comments and notes, I’m happy to blog about what matters and am appreciative many of you resonate with that.


  27. Susan Richards says:

    You are a brilliant musician Ewen! Fantastic! You’re singing is wonderful! Very brave!
    Thanks for sharing.
    With much admiration and appreciation.

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