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EwenChiaPhotoHi everyone, hope you’re doing well.

Today I want to talk about one of the most valuable skills in business that can help you make A LOT MORE MONEY…

That skill is copywriting – or the ability to write words that sell!

It’s an asset in any trade or industry.

Copywriting is important whether you’re promoting your own products, other people’s products, a company website or any website for that matter!

The ability to communicate effectively AND clearly with your prospects and customers is second to none.

In fact, some say it’s the MOST IMPORTANT thing you should focus on.

Hey, listen to Bill Gates.

“The need to communicate effectively with your customers will come up again and again.” – Bill Gates

Here’s a FREE COPYWRITING GUIDE “Copywriting: Writing Words That Sell!” just for you:

Click here to download now (zip file)

Take care.






  1. Ding Neng says:

    Hi Ewen, thanks for sharing this ‘Profitable’ information on Copywriting. You’re very right, copywriting is in fact the most important skill to focus on, from catching the readers’ attention with a magnetic headline, and words that will slide the readers’ eyes all the way down to the end of the page.

    Thanks for the download too! I feel it’s highly value-added that anyone who want to know more about copywriting needs to download and read it!

    Thanks Ewen!

    Ding Neng

  2. will says:

    HI Ewen.
    I just want to really thank YOU, SO I DO THANK YOU FOR ALL
    YOU DONE. now i dont have a online biz yet i need healp from ground up.and i have been reading about you an I thank you are great.THANK YOU
    WILL 9/10/10

  3. tom says:

    dear ewen:

    thanks AGAIN for all the great stuff you share with us!

    besides the much useful and necessary copy info, i was delighted to read your other posts, especially music therapy, which is very inspiring and motivating…

    keep up the good work!

    warm regrads from colombia, south america

  4. Efoghor Joseph Ezie says:

    I quite delighted to know there are people like you who are ready to share their knowledge with others. I run a website( and need to have some basic traffic driving skills.
    Thanks for this gift and God bless you.

  5. Marilyn Martyn says:

    Thank you for the copywriting course but more importantly thank you for your sharing on your blog.
    It is a perfect example of generosity and courage.
    Best wishes

  6. segun says:

    Thanks, but i find it difficult to copy the material. Pls. help me out.

  7. Thom Leonard says:

    You are the master at giving content. Giving it without opt-in. Notice that it is only to subscribers. I like this method of giving.

    I was talking with a business partner about our method of offering customer or possible customers content for free in a seminar setting and not expecting anything in return (just 30 to 60 minutes at a time). How ever we are hoping that some of the people that we coach will have us work for them for pay. We will be showing them products for sale as well. We are hoping that this works for us.

    Thank You for my Free gift.

  8. Shama says:

    thanks for the copywriting download. I also like the piano music that’s playing on your site and I like your personal stories. I am glad I checked it out because for the first time since I have been on your list, I get to see you who you are as a person.

  9. Dave says:

    could not download. Instead of talking with my feet I figured I would tell U. I’ve downloaded 100s of pdf files however, every once in a while I get get one like urs.

  10. Mohann says:

    Thank you so much, Ewen. I have been a big fan of yours. This stuff is AWESOME and what I have been searching for. Now, I know where I went wrong. Thanks, again!

  11. Dr. L M Foong says:

    Hi Ewen,
    thanks for the copy writing ebook. It is well written with concise essential concepts of copy writing.
    Those short template in between the article helps me to understand it better.
    Then full template at the end of the ebook really a valuable take home lessons.
    Thanks again
    Dr. L M Foong

  12. Kevin says:

    Thank you, I will get win zip next.

  13. Daniel Cajiga says:

    Hello Master Ewen! Thanks a bunch for your gift.

    I´m nowadays trying to write (copywrite) the sales letter for my HBBK-H Membership which back bone is your powerful and beautiful Millionaire Profits System the 6 Lessons and 46 videos that anyone can see in their members area.

    I guess with this powerful gift I´ll be able to finish da Job.

    Thanks again,

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Cajiga

  14. Sharath Chandra says:

    Hi Ewen, Thank you so much for the grand advice, seriously — You Rock !

  15. valerio says:

    Ewen thanks so much for this!!

  16. maurice nkurunziza says:

    hey mr ewen chia for you teaching how we can write a good contents to make ourself to be known so that we can be able to sell,promote other peoples products.thanks mr ewen i am so glad to hear you

  17. Daniel says:

    Thanks Ewen for this free Copy-writing ebook.

  18. Klod says:

    Hi, Ewen! Many THX as always for all you shares! 🙂
    BTW, i love this music here! Just not always is possible to listen because someone sleep already…
    have a great new week ahead!
    Warmly, Klod

  19. CLAUDINEI says:

    I live in Brazil, can I use your stuff here?

  20. Robert Broekman says:

    Many thanks Ewen
    Have a great day

  21. Ewen says:

    Hi everyone, I’m glad you enjoyed the guide, more coming soon! Thanks for the comments and posts, I do appreciate them.

    Yes you can use my stuff in most countries as long as English is used.


  22. Glo says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the guide. It is greatly appreciated and is of great value for a newbie like me. God bless you always!

  23. wei says:

    how can i do , my website

  24. zhang says:

    Hi Ewen,
    Thank you for your sharing, I really love your products and articles shared by you, and I found them really useful.
    Check out my website:

  25. Joshua Lum says:

    Hi Ewen,

    I have been a long term subscriber of yours. I think since when I first started reading about internet marketing online I started by going through your sites and then learning so much from You.

    There is something I want to ask You today and it is something technical.

    I want to ask how do You have that download link to your Copywriting zip file above?

    I know this might sound weird to be asking this here but I have gone through tons and tons of forums without finding a good answer.

    I know I have to compress whatever I want to upload into a zip file and then FTP it to my server but for wordpress sites (like this site) I do not know exactly which folder to FTP the zip file into..

    I feel slightly embarrassed to ask a guru like you such a question but I need your help with this.

    I do not mind your technical staff replying me an answer to this question but I just hope I can get an answer to this question on how to let people download zip files or PDF files from my wordpress site??

    Ewen, if I can get an answer from you it will make my day!

    and for sure I will remember today because I have never asked a guru for help like this!!

    Thank you for reading my super long comment, Ewen.

    I really appreciate it. 🙂

    Joshua Lum

  26. Ewen says:

    Hi Joshua, I uploaded the zip file to my other domain and provided the link on the blog. Nothing wordpress, nothing mysterious. Hope this helps 🙂

  27. Ajulo David says:

    Hi Ewen
    Thank you very much for your kind really elated with your free copywriting guide.i really need you to make money online.Hope you’ll always be there for me.

  28. budhi says:

    I llived in Indonesia, Thanks for your gift.

  29. budhi says:

    I lived in Indonesia, Thanks for your gift.

  30. micchael says:

    thank you Ewen for this gift i am glad

  31. Jules says:

    Many thanks Ewen for sharing your knowledge with others. I discovered you via Scribd (I was researching books on success)and I am glad that I did!

  32. Dinh Ha says:

    Hi Ewen,

    Thank for sharing this.I’d like to earn money on internet so your copy is very useful for me.
    I’m from Vietnam and i’m very lucky beacause i met you in Hanoi this month on 13.I knew about earning money on internet one year ago,and i find out more information from internet but i still don’t know how to start.I’m very happy beacause now i know you and i will follow your instruction.I believe that i can earn a lot of money with your help!
    Thank you very much!
    Best wish for you!

    Dinh Ha

  33. Oluyinka Akande says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Chia. I believe the ebooks will bring much value to me a beginner in the online marketing scene. I will however need you coaching in anyway you can so I can be successful online, once again, thank you.

  34. Ewen Support Team says:

    @Oluyinka We suggest getting our free ebook which is available for download from our blog.

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