Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #4 – Are You An Expert Or A Salesperson?

EwenChiaPhoto Online Marketing Secret Number Four:

Learn the difference between a good Expert and a good Salesperson – then copy them both!

Of course, don’t go copying other people’s product ideas and saying you’re an expert when you’re not. But do know this – business people pay top dollar for the advice, help and products of a good expert, and consumers will fork over their hard earned dollar to a really good sales pitch for things that they don’t need all the time.

What’s the number one most purchased item in an American grocery store. Meat? Eggs? Bread?

It’s soda pop.

No one needs it, it just tastes pleasant and is marketed well. So well that even when people consciously know that it may be the number one reason for otherwise explained obesity, they won’t stop drinking it.

Online Marketing Secrets #4 – Are You An Expert Or A Salesperson?

And look at some of the reports on Forrester Research. Some of the reports there sell for hundreds of dollars – and sometimes they’re only a few pages long!

But corporations are often run by a committee of directors. Those directors have to agree on issues for the company to make changes. Those changes have to be backed up by cold, hard data if they want the shareholders to vote their way.

Then there are medium to small companies that need information or expertise. They don’t have the time to go look online for free information – they want it all in once place, and the things they need to know, they need to be able to verify with testing data, and get that done now.

Where do you fit in?





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