Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #29 – The Personal Touch

Ewen Chia photo Online Marketing Secret Number 29:

The personal touch creates loyal clients.

We’re so used to it being missing that we don’t even notice any more. The personal touch on the internet is often all but a ghost story in most online industries.

We simulate it all the time, in autoresponders, even sales pages with names subtly embedded.

But the actual person to person interaction isn’t that frequent in the commercial online world.Online Marketing Secret #29 – The Personal Touch

The good news for you is that this is another place where you can compete. The smaller your client base is, the more you’ll be able to gain by taking the extra time to connect with your audience one on one.

Call your best clients to say hello or send them all a postcard. Put your instant messenger name on your blog and chat with your audience one day a week.

The appeal of this is easy to see. If you have the choice between spending $200 with an expert whose books you read and an expert whose books you read and had great personal interactions with, chances are you’ll choose the person who paid you some personal attention.

Of course, eventually, you’ll be too busy to keep in daily touch person to person if all goes well. In the time being, exploit this as strength and close in on your competitor.





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