Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #18 – Market, Market, Market!

Ewen Chia photo Online Marketing Secret Number Eighteen:

The most successful marketers are always marketing.

The richest marketers online are the ones who put the task of marketing above all else. Today it might be adding a new email to their autoresponder series.Online Marketing Secret #18 – Market, Market, Market!

Tomorrow it could be participating in a webinar that puts them in front of new prospects. Sometimes it’s a month of aggressive advertising.

Many days it will involve upselling their current client list. Or it may be sending out a new press release for mass distribution.

The most successful marketers may not have every email in their inbox answered the same day, and their web site may not have been updated for a month, maybe longer.

But you can bet, every day, that they have two things in mind – getting more clients, and getting current clients to buy again.

One exercise you may find useful is to evaluate what you did today for your business, put the marketing activities at the top of the list, and conduct your business with that changed list tomorrow.

No one gets everything on their to-do list done every day. So for maximum profitability, put your marketing at the top of that list.






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