Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #23 – Manage Expectations

Ewen Chia photo Online Marketing Secret Number 23:

Manage their expectations to virtually eliminate returns.

Electronic products are harder to protect, faster to deliver, and easier to acquire. This makes them not only the target of fraud, but makes the rate of return of products higher than it is offline.

Online, it’s much easier for a misguided prospect to skim over the product and say “I don’t need this” without actually applying the techniques in the manual, video, audio series or software package, thus giving in to the panic of buyer’s remorse.

Online Marketing Secret #23 – Manage Expectations

However, you may be surprised to learn that these incidents are in the tiny minority among marketers.

How do they make sure so few people return their products? It’s not just from having fantastic offers, great products, follow-up freebies, product protection or extended guarantees, though all of these surely contribute.

The best way to keep returns low is to manage expectations of your buyers. If you market expert products to beginners, you’re asking for trouble. But if you make it perfectly clear who your product is for and what they’ll be able to do with it, all you’ll have to do is live up to your claims, and you’ll end up with a very low return rate.





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