Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #11 – Find The Hungry

Ewen Chia photo Online Marketing Secret Number Eleven:

Find the Hungry and Feed Them.

The internet is a vast desert with a few watering holes. Everyone is huddled around those watering holes. In the desert, people will pay to drink. They’ll do anything to have what they believe is scarce.

Anywhere on this virtual earth, real “food” is also scarce. When people find this food, they can’t help but eat. They are hungry. And when they’ve eaten their full, they tend to tell all their friends.

There’s nothing better than having satisfied clients market for you when it comes to marketing.

The issue then, is finding these hungry people, and feeding them – not just anything, but what they most want to eat.

Online Marketing Secret #11 – Find The HungryThe relevance of this to internet marketing is that everyone thinks that internet marketing is the best place to find and sell to a market. In some ways, this is true, but let me ask you this.

If you had the choice between being the only grocery store in town, or being one of hundreds of food sellers on the same block, which would you pick?

You know that people have to have food, no matter what. So of course, if you’re smart, you’d want the exclusive market. Especially if you don’t have the resources to pay to get better clients, or a better position, or the networking to partner up with a person who already has the market you’d like to sell to.

So do your research and find a corner of the web – even if it is a corner inside internet marketing – where there are hungry people. then feed them. Just be sure that the market actually exists and will sustain you, or you’ll forever be on the search for new markets.

The hungry must eat. Be the only one who sells their food.





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