Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #10 – Your Brand

EwenChiaPhoto Online Marketing Secret Number Ten:

Your Brand is at least as Important as Your Product!

Even if your product happens to be a service, your brand is at least as important as the product you’re selling.

What is your brand? It is your company’s identity, what makes it different.

There are hundreds of nearly identical products being sold online. Let us take the example of ebooks that have resale rights. And yet, there are a few dozen, maybe even a few hundred marketers online making incredible incomes without even having their own products to sell.

They make money from affiliate products or from resale rights, and they often make more from the acquired product than the people selling the rights.

How is this possible?Online Marketing Secret #10 – Your Brand

These people, by and large, are branded. Even if their brand is as simple – even invisible – it’s there.

And when you find a brand, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. You can just find a concept that goes beyond a guarantee and structure your online practices around it.

Your online brand can be as simple as “I’ll always have the cheapest price,” or “I’ll save you money by bundling products” or “If you have a question about the product, I’ll respond even if the original author won’t”, or “If you like products in this category, join my membership site and let me find them for you”, or, “With these books, get an exclusive product from me, too”.

This afternoon or evening, grab a pen and paper and think about what would make a great way to differentiate a company. Think as big as you can – then wrap your company around that concept.





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