WAKE UP CALL (Secret To Making Real Money Online)

EwenChiaPhoto Happy 2015! Wishing the best for you and your family this year.

I also thought I’d write this post for you so that you can succeed online for sure…

In fact, if you act upon the information here, YOU WILL SUCCEED.

You see, here’s the reality and this will probably hit a few hot buttons…

With the vast number of diffferent business models, methods and products available online today to help you start an internet business and hopefully make money online…

I’ll be as LOST as many of you if I was just starting from scratch!

I do get it.

I do see your point.

That it’s not easy at all.

You know what?

It’s time for a huge WAKE UP CALL!

Why? Because apart from the direction you need and the many choices you’ve to make, a HUGE cause of failure has everything to do with…



Meaning, you. Yes, you and only you, are responsible for your own success or failure, not anyone else, not me, not them, but you.

Like it or not – the truth can hurt. This is going to sting but it needs to be said especially at this time.

Remember (and I’m not necessarily referring to anyone in particular but)…

Losers complain, whine and blame others. Winners just DO whatever it takes to succeed, with NO excuses.

Now before you go yelling at me, let me explain…

Most people do NOT think and do what is required. It’s too hard work.

What? Think and do? What’s that??

Thinking about your plan and goals – and acting on them to make them real.

Look at your options and decide your path.

Then write out your PLAN and goals and apply them.

That’s all that matters.

Without a plan and goals to drive, motivate yourself and act upon, no products can help you.

It doesn’t have to be a 500 page business plan, just something simple to tell yourself what you want to achieve in a certain time period.

I suggest you read my book “Make Millions Online” immediately if you haven’t yet.

Really read it, take notes and THINK about it.

Here’s why…

It will give you the direction and plan.

With the benefits of hindsight and experience (after spending 17 years online and making millions of dollars for real) let me tell you what’s working for me…

My biggest success comes from…


It’s funny, sometimes when you tell it like it is, many people still don’t “get it” and continue chasing shiny objects everywhere.

Or they complain they can’t do it because they lack the skills and knowledge.

Go get the skills and knowledge then!

Who’s stopping you?


Listen, let me say it again…

My biggest success comes from…


Get it?

All successful marketers stick by this. Doesn’t matter if you’ve just started, thinking of starting or have done this for years…


Whether in 2015 or beyond. In fact, it’s going to be even more important in the future.

Get it?

Get it??

Get it???

It’s what you’ve probably been searching for, heard about it but didn’t register before.

Well take your time, it took me 5 years to “get it” way back then (but now I’m providing you with an instant “short-cut” to success by telling you this!)

Once I did get it, took action and DID what I was supposed to, I became wildly successful!

And you know what?


I encourage and challenge you to do so.

So let me repeat (again), the “secret” to making real money online, even millions, is simply by…


Once more, read my book to get the full picture, there’s way more explanation there as to why it works and HOW it works.

Now the question is…

If you want to build and monetize your own email list, how the heck do you start?

You need to understand the BIG PICTURE first and what you need…

(By the way, I love big pictures as it helps you know what you’re doing. I coined my own term for it called “Big Picture Marketing” :-))

Here’s the big picture to help you build and monetize your list:

Big Picture List Building By Ewen Chia

May take some time to decipher as my writing and drawing is not the best.

But this is the simplest way to do it so you can build your list and make money at the same time.

Here’s what you need, this is what I call a “money-getting” formula…


A squeeze page is simply a ONE page website whose only objective is to get prospects’ contact information or email addresses…

Keep it simple. It can be ugly and still make millions.

No distraction or other ads.



You need to sell a product to make money, it can be your own or a merchant’s product.

To keep it simple, it can be a merchant’s product (affiliate marketing) so you just need to redirect subscribers who optin from your squeeze page to your affiliate link!

You can promote an affiliate offer that pays you $20-$50 per sale, or one that has the potential to earn you up to $5,000 a sale.

Which makes more sense, especially if it takes the same effort to promote either one? As I said in my book, making high commissions is a much better option, all things being equal.


You MUST learn to write great, money-making email messages that SELL.

You can write a series of them and presave them in your autoresponder campaign, and also send email broadcasts to your list of subscribers.


Master a few traffic strategies to promote your squeeze page…

Keep sending traffic so you grow your list and make money daily!

Oh yes, you need a PROFESSIONAL autoresponder service so you can capture, store, manage and email your list. I recommend Autorespond.com (it’s what I use).

These 4 components that you see above make up what’s commonly known as a MARKETING/SALES FUNNEL.

If you had heard or read of that phrase before, that’s what it means.

Go get the necessary skills and knowledge to do all the above WELL.

Become a MASTER at building and monetizing lists.

Become an EXPERT in creating proven marketing funnels that captures prospects and turns them into customers.

Here’s an example of one of my million dollar marketing funnels:

Ewen Chia Marketing Funnel

Creating such a marketing funnel isn’t something most people can do overnight.

In all honesty, it will probably take A LOT of effort, time, testing and experience – but it will be worth it.

An option is to outsource the creation to experts, if you have the money!

It will realistically cost you at least $5,000 for a custom marketing funnel like what I have…

Or you can get it FREE…

I’ve a time-sensitive option for you to have your own complete and custom marketing funnel designed, created and set up entirely free. It’s the whole works and something you own and earn from FOR LIFE.

You can click here to see if it’s still available if you’re interested…

Anyway, once you’ve mastered the “secret” I shared with you today, you’ll NEVER be short of money again because you can make your own money online. Seriously.

And that’s a real promise.

It works in almost every niche and business model online by the way.

By the way, you may or may not know, but one of my most popular products, “Autopilot Profits”, teaches you this “secret” in a lot more detail, plus give you tools and more, including a quick 5-minute set up that you can start with immediately.

You can check it out here.

Hope you enjoyed this post and wishing you a prosperous 2015!






  1. I have just ordered your autopilots course .I haven’t recieved it yet.

  2. Hello

    With the Copy Paste Income program, do I need a domaine name, hosting account, or a web site? Also, what about the traffic needed to generate income, am I responsible for this option? If and so, what will that cost me? Are there any other fees that need to be paid in order for this program to work? I am willing to re-invest once I am in the money, at the start, I would be working with a very, very short shoestring budget as I am living paycheck to paycheck. You see, there is always too much month at the end of my money.

    Thanks for your time and by the way, I missed out on the training you hosted last week, feel bad about that.

    Michael Howard

  3. bob says:

    Hey Ewen,

    My first big challenge in IM,

    I downloaded the book Make Millions Online and tried to give it away from my download page I just created, but when I download it from my download page, the book wont open. What did I do wrong. It download ok but wont open. I also tried to click on the download link but the pdf wont open from the link online either. Help me fix this please.


  4. Ewen Support Team says:

    @philip mccloskey Please contact support at support@passive.com or our helpdesk at helpdeskcom.com and show us your ClickBank receipt. Thanks.

  5. Ewen Support Team says:


    You do not need those, and we show you how you can drive traffic. Please contact us at support@passive.com or helpdeskcom.com if you have more questions. Thanks.

  6. Ewen Support Team says:

    @Bob what browser are you using? Do you have Adobe Reader? Please liaise with us at support@passive.com or helpdeskcom.com. Thanks.

  7. jonathan says:

    I am based in Nigeria and i intend to purchase your autopilot and join MOBE, will it work for me as I am based in Nigeria

  8. omparkash says:

    I have no website, and no computer ,i live in a village of India,, i have a cellfone. , plz. Tell me ,your sistem work im cellfom ,, i thanks to you for mail me , handrdous of times, but i have no money ,, thanks ,, happy new year,,
    2015 ,,for your seccess ,, omparkash

  9. Cesar Gutiérrez says:

    Course information is sent in Spanish or English ?

  10. Muhammad Rosli bin Mat Yaacob says:

    I’m interested to joint you but I don’t know how. I hope you can guide me and explain to me one by one.


    Muhammad Rosli

  11. tim says:

    am a nigerian, does this work also here.
    hw do i make purchase. my country is not listed on the billing page.
    help. help please ewen.

  12. mohd faizol bin omar says:

    Put first thing fisrt.
    I especially now start to get learning about how to make a proper list.
    But I still ambiguous and not sure what, why,where,when I can get to start with.
    Dear mr sifu ewen.
    I beg you biggest help to guide me with you way.

  13. phung hat says:

    dear Mr.Wen Chia,Thank you you,very much. % month oago ,you usully sent for me many email , I read them very carefull, In buy your eBook Pilot… but not yes distrebut for me.& 37 .last month i buy other ebook but Clickbank say that not give you reseve money I pay. I sent to you many email but you not yet anser for me . This is not corect with customer .
    Thank you your email new year .I hop new year you have new do for your job .
    Phung hat

  14. Smart says:

    Hi Ewen Happy new year.
    I want to enrol for your program called my top tire business.
    I live in Nigeria and I want to know if I can join and get everything as you have promised
    I also want to know the type of gadget, application and software that I will need so that I get them ready before the I purchase the program my top tire business.

  15. Ewen Support Team says:


    You can consider MOBE. If you have questions please contact us at support@passive.com or helpdeskcom.com. Thanks.

  16. Ewen Support Team says:

    Hi Smart

    You can consider MOBE. If you have questions please contact us at support@passive.com or helpdeskcom.com. Thanks.

  17. Ewen Support Team says:

    @Phung Hat

    Please send your ClickBank receipt to support@passive.com and we will assist you from there. Thanks.

  18. Ewen Support Team says:

    @ mohd faizol bin omar

    Hey there. Please contact us at support@passive.com or helpdeskcom.com and we’ll assist you from there.

  19. Ewen Support Team says:

    Hi @Muhammad Rosli bin Mat Yaacob

    You can follow the steps at this page to get started:

    Contact us at helpdeskcom.com or support@passive.com if you have any questions.

  20. Ewen Support Team says:


    You can consider MOBE. If you have questions please contact us at support@passive.com or helpdeskcom.com. Thanks.

  21. Ewen Support Team says:

    @omparkash Please contact support at helpdeskcom.com or support@passive.com and we’ll assist you from there. Thanks.

  22. Ewen Support Team says:

    @Cesar sorry but our resources are in English.

  23. Kingsley says:

    Hi Ewen,
    I like most of your programs and money making systems. My problem is that Nigeria (where I’m based)is not listed on your billing cart. How can we in Nigeria purchase your products because i’m particularly interested in Done-for-You-Bussiness where i get a site built for me. Is there no way you can consider including Nigeria on that list?

    Secondly, I tried reaching out to a friend in the UK to purchase it for me in my name. is it possible to do that for me. That is, i send the person cash and she gets it in my name and then I start from there. Will that be possible/allowed?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  24. I hope the teacher can guide us,How to make a lot of money on the Internet! Thank you so much。

  25. Ewen Support Team says:

    您好!如果您有任何疑问请发送到support@passive.com. 谢谢!

  26. Ewen Support Team says:

    @Kingsley You can consider MOBE:


  27. You covered many reasons that most people don’t make it online. They either won’t go and gather the information required to further themselves. Or, they won’t make the critical decision, or risk that will allow them to succeed, because they are afraid and don’t have the right attitude and mindset.

    This was a really enjoyable post and I look to definitely read more.
    Job done well, Ewen.

  28. Ewen Support Team says:

    @Jonathan Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the post!

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