Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #9 – Know Which Secrets To Take To Your Grave!

EwenChiaPhoto Online Marketing Secret Number Nine:

Know Which Secrets to Take To Your Grave!

This isn’t to say that you should hoard all your knowledge like you’re a jealous spouse.

However, just as the Coca-Cola brand keeps the secret of their recipe, so should you evaluate what your special recipe is, and keep it under wraps.Online Marketing Secrets - Secret #9 – Know Which Secrets To Take To Your Grave!

There is something about your company, even if your company is just you – that distinguishes you from everyone else. Sometimes it’s not about a secret sauce, programming secret, or configuration.

It might just be a particular way to performing a service, the kind of results you can get that no one else can deliver, or a way of finding ebook topics that sell, in other words, the ingredients to your brand.

To figure out what this is for you, make a list of what you know how to do, or do differently, that no one else can figure out, or has been copied unsuccessfully. Those things make up your brand. And your brand, as well as your brand secrets, are sacred.

Guard them with your life.




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