Live in Hanoi, Vietnam!

EwenChiaPhotoHi everyone, I’ve just came back from Hanoi, Vietnam for my seminar business and it was an amazing experience!

It’s the first time ever I’ve gone there and it was indeed a life-changing trip. It opened my eyes to life in a totally foreign country and the people there are very warm and nice.

I made many friends. Apart from the business aspects, being able to travel and see different countries and cultures is a life-enriching experience.

It’s good for the soul. You should always have fun too even though you may work very hard.

The seminar itself was very successful, with over 800+ people in attendance! There was a lot of media and TV interviews too. I had to do translation which was hard work but it’s worth it.

I feel very blessed to be able to help people all over the world and encourage entrepreneurship and freedom.

Here’s a short video clip of the event:

Here are some beautiful photos to share with you:

ewen chia in hanoi, vietnam

You can get more at my Facebook page.
Enjoy the photos!






  1. Le Thuy Hanh says:

    Vietnam marketers want to thank you for your wonderful talk. We learned a lot of attractive and practical information. We are waiting for your Workshop in next July . We believe that we will earn 1000/usd/month after the workshop. Thank you for the first time coming to Vietnam.

  2. Ewen says:

    My pleasure, thanks for your post.

  3. Whitney says:

    These are great pictures Ewen!

  4. Ewen says:

    Thanks Whitney!

  5. Ibrahim says:

    Hi Ewen, thanks for sharing this with us. Btw, is this the same seminar as Secrets of the Internet Business Program that you’ll be conducting in spore on the 17-18 July 2010? Thanks.

  6. Ewen says:

    Hi, yes it’s the same seminar “Secrets Of Internet Business”. See you soon!


  7. DocMercer says:

    Hi, Ewen. From watching you over the span of several years, via numerous lists and products of yours, I have come to see that you really are a special person… a real ambassador of good will.

    While you’ve made some profound posts on this site, this one about your Hanoi visit moves me in a different way.

    I left Vietnam in 1968.

    Though young and naive at the time, along with the confusion I felt great compassion and even admiration for the people of Vietnam.

    The experience set me off on my own spiritual journey.

    Over the intervening decades I have worked hard to heal myself and send healing energy to all the people and land of Vietnam.

    While I trust that I have made some difference on some level, and continue sending light and love energy to the people of Vietnam, it warms my heart to see you contributing in a “practical spirituality” way.

    Thank you for being you, Ewen… for finding your path and walking it with such valor… for being a true ambassador of light.


  8. Ewen says:

    Hi DocMercer,

    Thanks, Vietnam is a special place. You’re doing great things too. No matter how small or big, everything counts.


  9. KINGS says:

    hello Owen,
    bless be today for my coming to see where i can communicate to you. i went to a seminar in my area and the emphases made about you was amazing to me. i decided to googled your name and that is how i got this site. sorry, my request may be off point to what this site is all about.
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    my request is this: please, i will like you to help me with an internet business ebook that i will apply it’s idea to make some money for my school. business like: survey or any work at home jobs. it will go a long way in helping me earn some money to pay my school fees. As i am talking to you now, the semester is coming to an end in two months time by which i am suppose to seat for my exams, but i wont if i didn’t pay my fees.
    i will take an immediate action on any business you showed me. i will be happy if my request is granted. thanks and remain blessed.
    my email is:

  10. long says:

    Hi, Ewen!
    I’ve heard a lot about you. You’re the best marketer online in the world.
    I come from Vietnam. As many people here, I want to make money online. But I don’t know how to do.
    Could you show me the way? And your idea about marketing online in Vietnam?
    Thank for helping!

  11. Ewen Chia says:

    Hi Long, you can come see me present at a preview on 14th July! Just register at

  12. Viktor Schmid-Bielenberg says:


    I strongly belief that there is more than the material world. Their is a spiritual dimension we ignore. Even though I am a medical miracle and in constant pain, I am an extremely happy person. Sure it is nice to have a house from which we can see the Smokies, and our balcony looks out on a lake 40ft away.

    But have you ever bought something, were excited for a few weeks maybe months, and then it became old. If you belief with all your might, that there is a God who truly loves you! So much so, that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to be a sacrifice on our behalf. Since we can’t keep the commandments, we would be condemned (an eternal separation from God), but with Christ having taken our sins upon him, God does not see my sins any more, nor yours, if you can only bring yourself to the point of getting on your knees, and recognizing Christ as your Lord and Savior.
    Logically, what is the use in living, if that’s all there is. Dust returns to dust, never to be seen again – wouldn’t that be sad! A legacy that is soon forgotten. But through Christ, life goes on, after this one and for eternity!
    What a comforting thought. Read your Bible, start with John, or a very tough book, Hebrews, written by a Hebrew!

    God bless,

    Your friend, Viktor

  13. Viktor Schmid-Bielenberg says:


    My German came through: Correction, Second sentence should start with there.


  14. Vietnam Booking says:

    I guess it looks like Vietnam is now getting ready for another war…a cyber war on the Internet hahaha. Well, at least an Expert alliance with Ewen is a good start.

  15. says:

    I guess it looks like Vietnam is now getting ready for another war…a cyber war on the Internet hahaha. Well, at least an Expert alliance with Ewen is a good start.

  16. phamdieuhuyen_01 says:
    i am from vietnam.i can speak english and chinese, nice to meet you

  17. Blessie says:

    Hi, Ewen!
    I’ve heard a lot about you. You’re the best marketer online in the world.
    I want to contact with you by email. Can you give me your email?
    Thank you.

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