Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #30 – Multiple Streams Of Income

Ewen Chia photo Online Marketing Secret Number 30:

Multiple streams of income isn’t just a suggestion, it’s your only hope.

The reason why you need several streams of internet income is the same reason there is more than one source of food in the world.

If there wasn’t, and something happened to the one source of food, without something to replace it, we’d all starve.

It is absolutely essential to your success as a marketer that you have more than one way to make money. Anything can happen, you never know. If you make money from just one marketing method, something new could be invented tomorrow to make that method obsolete. If you make money from just one product, what happens if that product is a runaway best seller – and then you have nothing to follow it up with?

If you make your sales from just ebooks, you’re missing out on the potential to make more doing group consulting, seminars or membership sites. Or, if you’d rather just write ebooks, because you’re great at it at that’s what you love to do, don’t stop at one.

And think about expanding into audio and video. Broadband access has exploded in all markets that are most able to afford higher priced goods. Take full advantage of this.

Applying action to any of those tips could make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. Maybe you already know that – but then, you don’t become wealthy just from knowing things. First you get some knowledge.

Then you gain confidence in your ability to apply that knowledge. Then you actually apply it. Then you make your fortune.

Then, instead of stopping there, you do it over and over. Then, you get to keep your fortune, start making money faster than you can spend it, and become wealthy.

The true secret to this technique is to expand it to every single way you can make money with your business.

Print this post out and tape it to your computer. It is that important. Millions of dollars have been made in getting people to understand that one, single concept.

You should be making more money from the clients you already have by selling to them repeatedly.

Each of the people who have already bought from you are giving you a special message: “I trusted enough to buy from you once, and I’m interested in what you sold me.” What else can you sell them?

You should be making more money by having more than one product to sell.Online Marketing Secret #30 – Multiple Streams Of Income

About half of the people who become successful in internet marketing have short-lived success for two reasons. Either they focus only on getting new people to buy their last product, or because even the thought of getting more sales to one product is a concept that eludes them. Develop a product line of related material.

You should be making more money from each purchase made at your site.

Bundle things. Turn your product into a re-occurring income. Sell them affiliate products in the same niche. If they bought from you once, they probably want to buy from you again. If you want to be rich, end your fear of sales. Read The Enlightened Salesperson published by Rok Hrastnik.

People want to buy. People love to buy. They just don’t like being sold to. Help them. Let them buy from you and don’t make it hard.

If you want to make more money, the easiest way is to think of how you can create more value for your client from what you already specialize in.

If you wrote an ebook on making money from eBay, do an video series and sell that. Sell your webinar access to the same crowd. Give them an hour of consulting by an expert at an unheard-of price. Set up monthly consults on how to improve their sites.

We all get in the habit of thinking our specialized knowledge is just common sense. But each of us have hundreds of secrets inside us, information we might think isn’t worth much because we don’t remember how it felt to make what we used to make in a week in a single day. (Even if you’re flat broke, you remember what it was like to think $5 or $20 is a lot of money.)

So hit the blogs, go to forums and see what people’s pains are and what they’re responding to – and I’ll bet you that you’ll find dozens of conversations where you think to yourself “oh, I know the answer to that.” Statistics show that only about 1 in 26 people having a particular pain will actually complain to someone to try and solve it.

So for every post you read, just in that audience, the market is at least 25 times bigger than the 50 or so people who participated in the discussion with a solution (because they once had the problem) or who said “me too” because they have it now.

The markets are already there. Go print out the entire Online Marketing Secrets Series and use them to provide solutions.

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  1. Al Mamun says:

    Absolutely right, it’s the best The true secret to this technique is to expand it to every single way you can make money with your business.

  2. Ewen Support Team says:

    @Al Mamun Yes. It is important not to put all the eggs in one basket.

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