Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #15 – Size Doesn’t Matter

Ewen Chia photo Online Marketing Secret Number Fifteen:

Size Doesn’t Matter.

You can have a list of one hundred thousand and be a broke marketing failure. You can have a list of one hundred and become a millionaire from it.

You could get one million visitors a month and not make a profit. You can get one thousand visitors a month and make a small fortune without any of your readers ever paying you directly.Online Marketing Secret #15 – Size Doesn’t Matter

It can, of course, help your odds to have more traffic or a bigger list, or a higher priced product, or an affordable service. That’s only if you know how to draw the best quality from your resources.

The quality of your list, your traffic, your product, your service matters more than the quantity ever could. Furthermore, if you maximize quality at every turn, you can make your online wealth much faster.

Let us compare the task of getting one million visitors in a month, to the task of getting 1000 targeted clients. Odds are that 1% of fairly random traffic that isn’t that well targeted will buy your offer. That’s about 1000 clients.

So in the end you will get the same amount of clients from one million lightly targeted prospects than you would in carefully developing a client base of 1000 by focusing on high quality leads.

If the quality of your leads is better, your conversion rate will probably be better. So you can probably get a customer list of 1000 people a lot faster than you could get one million visitors to a site, hoping for the best.

And yet, as we’ve discussed in earlier examples, you can make a fortune from just 1000 satisfied clients. All you’ll need to do is present them with something else to buy, within their targeted area, each month.

Hyper-target your market. Carefully develop a customer list of 1000 and do everything you can to make them loyal to you. Then sell to them repeatedly.





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