Love? What?

EwenChiaPhotoHave you ever fallen in love or feel like you can’t live without someone? I’m sure you have. Everyone falls in love.

By the way, I do believe there’s a difference between falling IN love and falling INTO love.

Here’s my take (legal disclaimer: I’m not a love expert):

When you fall in love, it’s a stronger than life feeling towards a person or thing.

When you fall into love, you’ve fallen into the idea and feeling of love itself.

Many people tend to think falling in love is reserved for the young, that’s not true of course…

Younger people tend to experience infatuation before love, and I’m DEFINITELY making a sweeping statement here.


That there’re different phases of love as we progress through age and levels in our relationships:

Infatuation leads to passion.

Passion leads to true love.

True love leads to acceptance.

Acceptance leads to understanding.

Understanding leads to responsibility.

Throughout all the phases of love we feel, I STRONGLY feel that the key to better relationships with anyone is…


That’s how we live with each other. That’s world peace.






  1. Moon says:

    That is the soft side of you. Haha…

  2. Ewen says:

    You ain’t seen nothing yet 😉

  3. Shirley says:

    Let me place one more sentence before your first:
    “Affinity leads to Infatuation”

    Like this is more romantic..but personally I dont think passion will always lead to true love..

  4. Maria_Claudia says:

    I’m agree with the affirmation Comunication is the key for all good relationship because it leads us to the armony and good vibes.. In adittion I think there are many ways to stablish Comunication well by the body, by the mind because they make great waves..

  5. CL says:

    “Communication” is a life long learning subjects…

  6. Ewen says:

    I’m so happy to see you guys sharing your thoughts too! Yes Shirly I agree with you, affinity is definitely important. That’s the starting point!


  7. fatokun babatunde says:

    you’re my role model

  8. Borenga Taeka says:

    Communication is the key for life, if no communication, can not improve, can not fulfil your goal, can not find someone to love, can not move to your next step. Example: I really need to to my business but maybe I am lack in communication.

  9. Mohamud says:

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    Thank you.

  10. stephen chukwu says:

    Love is passion and passion is energy. the whole world is a mass of energy, a momentuous flow of the LOVE current. He who has not experienced Love, I mean true love! Not infatuation!! is empty though He lives because he is still far from the creator who is Love personified. Ewen am glad to know you have a love life and not just internet! internet!! internet marketing!!!

  11. Kim jurrisson says:

    Like its said All You Need Is Love!:)good post!

  12. ceryn says:

    yeah…LOVE..what a good say ewen..:)

  13. agustopa says:


  14. Olga says:

    I lost my love(r) in Singapore. But I still believe in love.
    If Ewen is giving us the chance to share our true feelings, I want to say that I am in love with love, with the miracle of connection with our true nature and the resiliance we find when the sun doesn’t shine on us anymore. God is so great that I am so full of the love and compassion He offers me in order for me to give away. Yes, I am in love Ewen.

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