Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #21 – Sell The Sizzle

Ewen Chia photo Online Marketing Secret Number 21:

Sell them what it can DO for them, not what it IS.

The greatest marketers in history have said this for hundreds of years. “Sell benefits, not features”. “Sizzle not the steak”

It makes the difference between explosive sales and barely breaking even. Most people have heard this, some say they understand it. But if we all did, we’d all be wealthy.Online Marketing Secret #21 – Sell The Sizzle

Next time you create a product, or decide to sell an affiliate product, get out a piece of paper and jot down a list of ways this products makes your prospect’s job…

  • more likely to make money
  • easier
  • faster
  • more pleasant or fun
  • more likely to avoid pain

etc… and just write a letter telling them how to do that.

Help them instead of sell them and you’ll have customers for life.






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