Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #24 – Build A List Of Recipes

Ewen Chia photo Online Marketing Secret Number 24:

Boil it all down into a recipe.

It’s not just that you want to automate your processes to save time and increase your profit. (We’ll talk about that next.) You want to be sure that you are automating the right thing, and that it’s the most efficient process.

Over the course of your time as an entrepreneur, you’ll find that you’ll learn how to do certain tasks rapidly, and figure out how to do certain things better and better.Online Marketing Secret #24 – Build A List Of Recipes

Whether it’s figuring out how to get better placement in the search engines, or how to deal with the influx of email, once you have it mastered, record the steps to your process for later use.

This way, if you can later

  • Profit on that information as a product,
  • Refer to it when starting a new business from scratch.
  • Use it as a blueprint to train an assistant or consulting clients, it will be easy to repeat or mass produce, without any of the mistakes from the first time around.





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