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EwenChiaPhotoI haven’t been writing for awhile because I’ve been trying to find myself. Trying to live a purposeful life that I WANT can be difficult at times.

There’re so many things that I want to do but there are limitations as well. Sometimes I wish I could fly away but we’ve responsibilities to other people besides ourselves, for example, family.

I know I may not be making sense because I’m in a pretty pensive mood.

However, within our limitations and with what we currently have now, count your blessings and give thanks.

Cherish whatever we have and live with purpose and passion.

Many of us work our lives off, trying to make a living. Fact is, life is more than money and money will never be enough.

Wealth and happiness comes to those with the correct mindset. The correct mindset will attract what we secretly desire.


I believe I’ve mentioned this before, we need to know what we want to attract it.

Obviously we can also attract negative things and that starts from thinking of the negative, which we tend to do naturally.

So we must be consciously positive at all times, even in the face of problems.

Look at it this way, we’ll always have problems and they will never go away, so make the best of it!

I know it’s easier than it sounds. Trust me, I know.

One way I’ve found to be positive is to give myself some space and care. Meaning, thinking of myself for once.

I do that by pursuing what I love aggressively and with a goal. Be it a person, topic or simply a hobby.

Many of you know I love music. It heals the soul and connects people from all walks of life and nationalities.

If there’s ONE thing that brings the world together, it’s music.

Music has been with me since I was young. In fact in my younger days, I used it to escape to imaginary faraway places.

Listening to all types of songs and closing my eyes helps to relieve the realities of the real world, even for a moment. It’s re-energizing.

Music is often positive in nature so I believe it’s one of the best ways to cultivate a positive mentality!

While I was growing up, I was a quiet, introverted, romantic and extremely dreamy person. No one really knows my true feelings, including myself.

The good part was, I’m also always an action taker.

I needed a way to express my emotions and took to music. Unfortunately I never had the chance, environment or money to learn it correctly while I was growing up. I’ve always envied kids who could learn music. I had to teach myself, which didn’t help.

Since I’ve more time now, I’ve decided to pursue the love of creating music which I’ve stopped for 10 years since discovering the internet.

I’ve even started professional music training and bought myself a grand piano just to prove the point!

Yamaha Clarinova Digital Grand Piano

And for the first time since I was 27 years old, I wrote a new song…it’s a love song.

I will probably release this soon and hope to get good comments from you guys.

…Stay tuned!

We all have our own dreams and aspirations. I encourage you to strive for your dreams just like I’m doing. We only have one life.

Songwriting and being a professional performer is one of mine, since I was young.

One day I’ll even record a music video and maybe turn into a Youtube star 🙂

Because secretly in my heart, I want to be a rockstar!






  1. Whitney says:

    Awesome post Ewen, thanks for sharing so much about yourself! I secretly want to be a millionaire!

  2. Joel Chue says:

    Inspiring post, Ewen!

    I totally agree with you that mindset plays one of the key roles in the success we achieve in our lives.

    Our mindset will determine how we use our time and money. We either squander them or reinvest it to create the success we so deserved!

    = )

    I’m extremely happy for you… the fact that you’re repursuing something that excites you.

    Now, I love music as well… but song writing, I know nothing about that.

    When you’re ready to releae your songs, I be there to hear them!

    Keep rocking!


  3. Hemen says:

    Big Bro, you are already a rockstar… Charisma, Passion, Honesty are what make you different from other I.M. gurus. Those are rockstar’s qualities! A legend in the making… Cheers!

  4. Frank Wilcock says:

    There is plenty of food for thought. I fully concur with your thoughts and ideals.I dearly hope that one day very soon I will be able to join you in these thoughts and ideals and thank you so much for all the information you have forwarded for me thus far.
    cheers!! adirer.

  5. Ewen Chia says:

    Wow thanks for the comments, appreciate them all! I’m already a rockstar? LOL.

  6. DEVIDAS says:

    what u have posted is very much true about my life also .I’m also a big dreamer n want to achive the things in my life!

  7. David Best says:

    Thanks for sharing your heart. I wish you the same success with your music as you’ve had with IM. Music is my first passion, and I’m now seeking ways to make it again my life focus.

  8. Rune Fjortoft says:

    Hi Ewen

    I really liked the music and pictures you have in your header.
    I was touched on an emotional level.
    The total impression – the pictures and the music –
    gives a spiritual impression.
    You almost appear enlightened 🙂

    Hope to see you in London in September.

    Have a great day

    Rune F

  9. Tony says:

    Hi Ewen,

    Great to know you are getting more into music, I’m a keyboard/piano player. If you need any help with playing etc let me know ok?

    Maybe we can put together some music to have a positive influence on peoples lifes in different areas of concern with the intent to help that area. Just an idea.

    It’s interesting, money to you is less important than when you had none and you want to persue more into music now that you have money. But money to me is ‘everything’ because I have none but I am a musician [probably says it all] for years and want to persue how to make a lot of money.

    So what ‘you’ would do is seek out maybe a personal piano teacher or something? You could do this easily. Because one on one help is the real way to go and it’s who you know and who knows you.

    What I would do is seek out a personal genuine internet marketer teacher one on one [the best way to go]. Thats not easy unless you’re my brother etc or I had a lot of money in the first place.

    The personal contact with someone makes everything ‘real’ and focuses the mind from all the distractions of money making offers out there pulling you from one direction to another.

    A ‘road map’ that will work and get you where you want to go, but from someone in personal contact with you makes it real and achievable.

    Hope I make sense, I am writing as I am thinking all this.

    I felt a connection because you were talking about music now.

    Wish you all the best finding your dreams.



  10. Gabrielle says:

    You make perfect sense and I understand where you are coming from. I am learning how to write fiction and wish there was more time during the day to devote to it. Instead I am trying to build up websites on the Internet and market.

    Good luck to you on working in music and keep at it because when you find something you really love to do, I feel that you are more present in life than ever before.

    I enjoyed your piano playing on your page and hope to hear more from you. Piano is always so relaxing and actually helps focus more, I believe.

    Take care and hope to hear more soon.

  11. PHAM says:

    That’s great . I like your thinking. See you soon.

  12. Paul says:

    Nice Music, Master…
    I always hoped to succeed in internet marketing. I am a beginner who is studying to be successful like you. You are the best teachers and mentors. Would you guide me more? Thank you. God bless.

  13. Emmett says:

    If that was your playing and your composition at the beginning of this blog, you have already achieved much in the field of music. It was a beautiful piece.
    Good luck with making your avocation your vocation.

  14. GILBERTO(GIBA) says:

    a musica realmente faz com que possamos decolar numa viagem dentro de nós mesmos.A musica faz descobrirmos o quanto somos capazes de perseverar com nossos sonhos.
    continue sempre fazendo terapia musical que isso sim é bom.
    pois tenho na familia um violinista e uma professora de musica (pianista). a musica não somente inspira quem toca mas tambem os que houvem.
    um abraço

  15. Stan Pontiere says:

    Hi Ewen,
    I have always known of you as the worlds #1 affiliate marketer. I run site dedicated to personal development. May I have your permission to reprint this post on my site. In addition, I would like to interview you-perhaps on Skype. I have both audio and video recording capabilities and your mindset message is certainly a major part of my message and my passion.

  16. jane says:

    I agree that music is very powerful, but I think the most powerful thing we can do for peace and joy is go to an environment where peace and joy are in abundance. I believe we are all a reflection of our local environments. Some environments are more suitable for us than others. I remember going to Singapore several times to renew my visa while I was living at Singkep Island, Indonesia. I would hang out at the botanical gardens because I felt safer there. I’m afraid of governmental strictness, and returning to Indonesia was like lifting a heavy weight off my shoulders. I spent 3 years in the jungle, and that environment changed me more than anything else I’ve experienced. I felt very safe there. Now, I’m in Hawaii, and there is plenty of governmental force here, and I dream of sailing to Washinton Island, Kirbati, and feeling the safety there. There’s a freshwater lake, and coconut jungle–my goats love coconut branches–my bees love coconut flowers, and I can live happily on milk and honey–I haven’t bought groceries in nearly 5 years. But I need money to get there and to bribe the locals into letting me stay secretly–I was illegal in Indonesia for two years, bc I hated the feeling of leaving the safety of the jungle. The music of the streams, birds, squirrels, and other exotic, wild sounds made me feel like I was enclosed in life and safety. What do you think about my idea?

  17. Irmgard says:

    Hi Ewen, thats right, we live only one time this life and every minute which over is a part of our history. I love relax with music and in my garden.

    I play a Fender bass and piano but only for me and not good. I like groups as Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Foreigner and Clapton, Elton, Hendrix, Jeff Beck but also Beethoven, Bach and Mozart.

    The feeling to run away from all, I know, I felt as a prisoner in my own office. And I went away from all and let my very high paid job behind me.
    A long story and a difficult new start.

    I had no dreams, I am only want to change my life, this run for money, more money, more wishes, more expenses, the balance and lost/gain, really I had enough. It is an circle and I clicked me out. I didn’t need two cars, two or three houses, I could only drive one car at the time and live only in on house.

    I live now in Sicily with nothing, this was the difficult part, and I live the life in full version.

    Don’t dream your life, live your dream.(Campanella)

  18. DocMercer says:

    Hey Brother,

    What a magnificent looking music-making creation. It must have an awesome vibration of its own. Do you feel it when you sit down to play?

    Yes, Ewen, you are assuredly correct about the healing power of music. It is universally accepted and it is unifying in nature.

    Music is energy… energy that has been given life by its creator… and colored by the intent of it creator.

    Energy consciousness is a big topic with me and was incorporated into my protocols when I was still in active practice (progressive alternative health as in chiropractic, naturopathic and Native American Medicine).

    All is energy. All energy has a frequency. There were times when all it took was an application of a simple frequency such as a single color or sound (like an F# tuning fork), to get a body over the hump and on to healing at the next level.

    It’s no surprise to me that music, with its vast array of frequencies driven by the intentions behind it, has such an impact on these human energy systems.

    Nor does it surprise me that you are a musician at heart.

    I’ll bet “action-taking” at the level you took on really has presented some significant challenges along the way for such a sensitive and creative soul.

    I’ll also bet that your nature, combined with your intense experience, your understanding of the power of intent and your propensity for taking action, can result in some monumental musical creations.

    Ewen, I am pleased for you… to see you exploring and expressing this side of yourself more fully.

    While not nearly the action-taker you are, I’ve been writing songs and playing self-taught guitar since leaving Vietnam and the military in 1968. I’m even more pleased, somehow, to see you taking “Ewen action” on your music before the decades slip away.

    It can be a most passionate relationship.

    Keep making that awe-inspiring music, Ewen.

    Lloyd “DocMercer” Mercer

  19. segun says:

    Ride on brother. am very happy for you and i look forward to being like you particularly when it comes to im. I pray that GOD wil see you through (Amen)Pls. i need your help.

  20. Phil says:

    Wow! It’s the first time I have been here and it will not be the last! I loved this post, it gives me real inspiration to carry on. I too love music but I can not play any instruments. I always wanted to learn to play the drums, but it’s to late for that now. Arthritis and Spondalosis have taken there toll on my fitness. I love your outlook on life and appreciate the invitation given to me to share some of your personal thoughts and pass times. Mood is very important in my life as I suffer from Clinical Depression and Anxiety. I think I will be visiting your blog often in the future, to help me put life, fammily, work, transport and money into perspective. Thank you for sharing this with me Ewan. Phil

  21. Joyce says:

    Hi Ewen, I loved reading your post as I listened to the beautiful music. Did you write and perform that song? Your post is so well-written with a good story and positive messages.

    Just over 5 years ago I discovered that I have a gift for songwriting and singing and writing. And I love self-improvement as you do. So I’ve combined all those gifts by writing inspirational songs and short stories to bring more peace, love and joy to the world…my style of music therapy.

    Can’t wait to hear more of your music and read your inspirational posts, Ewen. What an inspiration you are!

    Wishing you peace, love and joy, Joyce

  22. Richie says:

    I Love That , Mr Chia.:-)

  23. liette Cherval says:

    Hi Ewen
    I have read what you have on music therapy and totally agree with you.
    Music has a soothing effect especially when it is you who create the music.
    Music written in key of C is good for those suffering with dementia or depression.
    On my blog I speak of writing music.
    When my life was at one of its lowest points, my Mother bought an organ and send me to have the 6 free lessons so I can teach her.
    She had been given many piano lessons and was quite adept at it.
    I was amazed at how quickly she caught up with the organ.
    She had an unfulfilled dream. It was to play in the church. And this she did with my help.
    I used to write music and to my surprise, I could hear Mum humming the tunes I created.
    On my blog I also put on a song which was inspired by, I believe, God. It was sung at church for my father’s funeral.
    If you are interested my blog can be seen either through
    A link on
    Thank you

  24. Sergey Basenko says:


    It is very good, that you have хобби for music.

    Music can lift mood and even to change speed think…

    Your site and your music gives very pleasant impression:)

    I wish to you the large successes, in all yours бизнесах and хобби!

    Sincerely your,
    Sergey Basenko

  25. Terry Lee says:

    I am a musician first Ewen. I have done signs and art for a living but music is my life. I am 50 have had muscular dystrophy since 15 in my arms. I play guitar! I am artist all my life I am starting to learn to make a living on line and have many great ideas for online marketing. I am a commercial artist. i need help please. Check out who I am at;

  26. Sandra Alexander says:

    I loved the music in your Welcome. I believe as you do about music being an integral part of life

  27. Maria Claudia says:

    Hi Ewen, I love your thoughs an the way you are 😉
    Well in some way also is my reflection..
    in instead of some characteristics of your personality
    since when I was a little girl I use to be so overactive and I liked acting for example used to imiting my parents and I felt so happy and full of energy to make like a line of movie to interpret with my sister jeje 😉
    The opportunities never was given to me..
    I liked to sing so the same never changed circumstances ;-o
    Since Internet comes growing whit news revolucionary issues the oportunities cotinusly are open to break all kind of barriers making our lives really full of harmony..

    I try making my business by this amazing medium too

    greetings huge

  28. Maria Claudia says:

    Oh and I like count on you!! 😉

  29. Maria Claudia says:

    or I’d like to have you

  30. Rieke says:

    Today I read a wise saying from Martin Buber which says:
    “The only way to learn is the encounter.”

    Yeah, during our life we can encounter people, music, art, books, interesting tests and lots more. When we will dedicate our real interest to whatever it is, we will learn and grow. That’s life.

    Good luck to your musical endeavour – it’s never too late to start new.

  31. R Taufik says:

    Great !! Your music is full of strength and inspiration for the soul who heard it. I so enjoyed it, as to forget your fame. Greetings, Mr. Ewen Chia. Congratulations on your masterpiece

  32. Aysha says:

    Dear Ewen Chia,

    Thank you, for sharing your feelings about music.
    I am a lover of music, I play piano, sing, and write poetry and songs. It is my desire to help others who desire to to exhibit their writings, or perform by singing or playing an instument, in Open Mic Sessions. This is one phase of the work in my organization, to help low income individuals and families. I would love to hear your creations.

  33. Joe Davison says:

    Congratulations on re-discovering your lifelong passion. Music is a gift from heaven and you are very fortunate to be able to follow your dreams and inspire people.

  34. Peter says:

    Ewen, if the universe and everything in it is reduced to its smallest constituent parts, one may find that energy is shared by everyone and everything. That’s why music is such a powerful mover; sound is vibration, an energy, which resonates with our very soul.

    There may be many ways of expressing this, but I wish you every happiness in your new interest. I had my first piano lesson at the age eight, and by the time I left high school I had also learned the clarinet, oboe, and done loads of gigs with my rock group, The Blues Sect. What fun we had…


  35. Stephanie says:

    Dear Mr. Chia:

    You are absolutely correct when you say that music brings the world together. Music is the one thing that can calm us and excite us. I am happy that you are now getting formal training and I wish you the best of everything in your musical endeavors.

    Music is what makes life happen.

    Stephanie Steoberl, USA

  36. Terry Lee says:

    I am a musician first Ewen. I have done signs and art for a living but music is my life. I am 50 have had muscular dystrophy since 15 in my arms. I play guitar! I am artist all my life I am starting to learn to make a living on line and have many great ideas for online marketing. I am a commercial artist. i need help please. Check out who I am at;

  37. Ken Harthun says:

    As an award-winning songwriter myself, I share your love of music. I have been writing songs and playing music for more than 45 years and if music was ever taken away from me, I imagine that would be the worst thing that ever happened. You are right that we all share the universal language of music and while I have sometimes bumped into particular pieces I didn’t like very much, I have always understood message. Go for it, and I wish you a pleasant and rewarding journey.

    Ken Harthun
    The Internet Marketing Geek

  38. tom says:

    dear ewen: what a nice post from the greatest affiliate marketer ever! at the end you say:

    “One day I’ll even record a music video and maybe turn into a Youtube star

    Because secretly in my heart, I want to be a rockstar!”

    ewen, no worries you ARE A ROCKSTAR long ago, because you know what? you CERTIANLY ROCK!!!

  39. tom says:

    so… thanks for rocking!!!

  40. JOHN WRIGHT says:

    Thanks for sharing with us,I want to hear your love song and your music. What was at the start of your web site sounded great. You have many talents and it is good that you are nurturing them. Thanks for your web site and your copy-writing book. It is well designed and informational.

  41. Sheila Alexander says:

    I believe that music and aroma therapy are great things to help people. Your music is beautiful.

  42. Linda Sophia says:

    MMMMMmm!!! nice music, made me feel real Good.
    Thank you for that !you are wise to follow your dreams, my father used to tell me allways work at something you enjoy, as you spend half of your life working so it should be pleasant for you.
    so I did just that , I was a chef for thirty years.
    then I went to join red Cross for another ten years as I love to Help people.
    Life is not a dress rehearsal its the real thing,
    we will not be coming back to do it again, so make it good the first time and enjoy.
    should you find yourself in a bad place. stop!!
    what you are doing, take a step back look at where you are and simply change it.

    I did that at age sixty ,widowed ,and now three years later, after I left everything I owned and moved 5 thousand miles away I have fallen in love
    again !! who knew !.
    plus I live in one of the most sought after places
    in the western world and all with no money, just guts to do it…..

    I wish you luck Ewen and do keep up with your music,
    when you can make someone feel as good as your music made me feel! you are GOOD!!!!

    A struggling IM

  43. Andrew Bromage says:

    Hi Ewen

    thanks for great weekend, sorry to fall onto the stage to you. You amaze me, not just for what you know but in your gentle way you teach. We have simimlar musical asparations, I have been wirting for some time and wrote a couple of love songs. It s strange that we males do this which I think is mis-understood, it’s not just gender orientated, it is for the love of life and the desire to fully use the love that is planted within us from birth (or sooner)and to express the joy of life even in our trials and tribulations. Hope you find Peace in this and look forward to the album – Peace to you – Andrew Bromage (The big fella that fell on the stage to you at the weekend (what an entrance))

  44. Giselle says:

    i Ewen

    I have spent 1 year just reading all my ‘spam’ in my inbox.
    I am going to be spending the next year listening to your music! (: (Seriously!)


  45.>Allen says:

    I love you Ewen. You are a virtuoso .
    The song you recorded was awesome. Keep it up one day you’ll be I M Yanni!


  46. Allen says:

    I love you Ewen. You are a virtuoso .

    The song you recorded was awesome. Keep it up one day you’ll be I M Yanni!


  47. Linda Taylor says:

    Did you write the music that was playing? It was beautiful… So secretly you want to be a rockstar? You described my family completely. My son, 48 years old, has had a Christian Rock band for over 25+ years, have written some really great songs, but the Lord never provided a way for them to get any further than local. My 3 grand kids have the same dreams, all mostly just raw talent. Rock Star status would be great, but I feel the greater treasure is to know you have a God-given creative talent and the ability to share what is in your heart with those who truly care about you.

  48. Klod says:

    i laugh because you(“rockstar”)remember me the reflection of total misery by Frank Kern in positive way, of course!:-)…
    but your music is absolutely adorable, am glad to have ability to hear again! TNX!

  49. Ewen says:

    Amazing! So many comments show that all of us do appreciate music and agree on my thoughts. Thank you.

    We’ve many VERY talented readers here too, Ken, would love to hear your songs!

    Andrew, don’t fall on me again 🙂


  50. Diane says:

    This is such a timely article. My daughter is in her senior year and deciding which way to go. She LOVES piano and with only a handful of lessons and flown with it and can play unlimited classical pieces. She was thinking of going into music therapy as a career. I plan to print this article and show it to her today to inspire her. My whole family plays including my husband who is a degreed violinist. We all LOVE music and most everyone in the world does too!

    GO Ewen, Go! You WILL make it in music. You have the HEART for it! We all love you.

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